Grover Beach planning Grand Avenue improvements

July 28, 2023


The city of Grover Beach expects to break ground this fall on a West Grand Avenue street improvement project. 

Grover Beach’s West Grand Avenue Streetscape project has been in the works since 2021. The project spans 4th Street through 8th Street along West Grand Avenue. 

On June 26, the city council approved the final design plans for the estimated $4.2 million project. The construction contract for the project is expected to come before the city council in September.

 Key features of the project include installing a landscaped center median; decorative crosswalks with enhanced safety features; sidewalk and curb improvements; painted bike lanes; and pavement rehabilitation. The project also includes pedestrian beacons, sidewalk improvements, new crosswalks at 4th and 6th streets, pedestrian level street lights, storm drain installation and drought-tolerant, landscaped center medians and street trees.

Construction is expected to last six to eight months. During construction, city officials will inform business owners, property owners and the public about traffic impacts, detours and alternate access points for businesses. 

Grover Beach is funding the project, in part, through a $1.8 millionaire grant it received from the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments. A total of $2 million of project funds come from the city’s general fund via money received from California’s Senate Bill 1 gas tax and other sources. 

“We are thrilled to see these West Grand Avenue improvements come to Grover Beach after so many years of careful planning and community consideration,” Grover Beach Mayor Karen Bright said in a statement. “This is yet another positive step toward achieving a safe, thriving and vibrant commercial corridor that builds on our past successes.”

The city considers the area of the project an emerging hub for new multi-family housing and commercial developments. Planned developments at 402 West Grand Avenue and 401 West Grand Avenue are anticipated to create nearly 100 new housing units, along with ground-level retail space. 

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Will the contract for this project be awarded only to a local company, regardless of union status? Is there a stop cap so there are no cost overuns without full council review, including citzen input? Will there be a deadline for completion?

Where, exactly, do they intend to get water resources for 100 new housing units? It’s only a matter of time before Lake Lopez is empty again. They keep adding additional load on our water resources, so things are going to start drying up faster and faster.

All new housing’s water bills should come with a VERY steep surcharge to be used for paying for new water resource development. The current system has the water resource financial burden placed on current homeowners..and lining the pockets of the developers.

Back to headline: It’s nice to see Grover gentrification.

Without looking, what’s your guess at the water development impact fee for a new unit?

The venn diagram of people who don’t like new housing because of…uh the water, and people who recoil at the suggestion that we do more community water conservation, is probably a perfect circle.

This looks like an excellent project. I hope the bike lanes are grade separated from traffic.

Said no real cyclist ever.