Jury awards falsely accused officers $13 million

July 16, 2023


A jury awarded $13.1 million on Wednesday to two Los Angeles police officers who were falsely accused of drawing a Hitler-style mustache on an arrestee. [LA Times]

In 2017, four officers responded to a drunk driving collision and arrested the driver. After the DUI suspect passed out in his cell, first responders transported him to a hospital.

Several days later, the man complained that someone had shaven off his eyebrows and mustache. In addition, someone drew a Hitler-style mustache, eyebrows and male genitalia on his body with a sharpie .

Internal police department investigators then focused on officers Stephen Glick and Alfred Garcia, and not the two female officers or the ambulance personnel. The chief then recommended the department fire both Glick and Garcia for battery.

However, Glick was never alone with the suspect, according to footage from his body camera which was on during the arrest, but off during the 12-minute booking. In addition, ambulance personnel had a history of drawing on suspects.

Even though Glick and Garcia were eventually cleared of any wrongdoing, the lawsuit argued their careers suffered.

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Since the taxpayers didn’t fire these officers they shouldn’t be responsible for the verdict, it was the chief and possibly the internal investigators that are responsible and therefore should pay the jury’s decision.

Such an absurd amount of money. Glad we get to pay for that. Only in Ca.