Man airlifted to hospital after crash at Oceano Dunes

July 28, 2023


A helicopter airlifted a man to the hospital following an ATV crash at the Oceano Dunes on Friday. [Tribune]

Shortly before 11 a.m., a 59-year-old man was riding a rental ATV at the Oceano Dunes off-roading area. The man was traveling about 15 mph when his ATV rolled down a 40-foot sand dune in the Independence Area of the park. 

The driver suffered obvious injuries, according to State Parks. A helicopter airlifted the man to Marian Regional Medical Center in Santa Maria. 

Investigators consider speed a primary factor in the crash. Drugs and alcohol did not factor into the collision.

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I celebrate each and every one of these incidents since the Valley a-holes took away MY beach, illegally, in 1982. That’s forty years since I have been able to hike there.

Hopefully he will recover swiftly.

Love all the Compassion expressed by the Losers who just want to shove their hate for anything other than the complete closure of Family Recreation.

Vultures have more Heart.

Driving motor vehicles on the beach? Not sure if that’s something that should be allowed – obviously unsafe to those who drive and double to those who don’t.

Driving on the beach is perfectly safe if you know what you’re doing. Judging from the fact this guy was on a rented buggy he was most certainly an amateur. I mean, 15 mph just isn’t that fast out there. Unfortunately, you can’t keep the idiots from taking up this hobby and that’s why the dunes get such a bad name. For trained and experienced hobbyists, riding on the beach is a blast.

“Lighten up Francis “

am I paying for his medical care or is he? I didn’t make. him ride the ATV most likely drunk or incapable of handling his hobby.

Need one law enforcement officer per person there. keep waisting tax dollars on idiots driving gas vehicles and dodging darwinism sadly then propogating their genes with unprotected sex.