Sinkhole leads to extended Highway 1 closure in Monterey County

July 3, 2023


An existing Highway 1 closure near Big Sur caused by storm damage has moved farther south because of a sinkhole that appeared in the roadway in southern Monterey County. 

The sinkhole appeared along the center line of Highway 1 one mile south of Nacimiento- Fergusson Road, according to Caltrans. As a result, Caltrans moved the southern end of the Highway 1 closure from Limekiln State Park to Pacific Valley. 

Crews are en route to the site of the sinkhole to make assessments and begin repairs. Following repairs, Caltrans expects to move the southern end of the closure back to Limekiln State Park.

Presently, the closure at Pacific Valley provides enough space for large vehicles and trucks to safely turn around, Caltrans says.

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Yes it was a wet winter and yes there will be some consequences like no money for charity.

Lol; at this point we may as well just shut it down and turn the whole stretch into a park or monument of some sort. Control foot and car traffic, charge a fee, etc etc. At least it would remain pristine :/

It works for 17 mile drive, and it’s worth the cost.