SLO parking rates double, procedures change

July 1, 2023


Parking rates in downtown San Luis Obispo doubled effective today, while those parking in the structure at 842 Palm Street now need to pay up front for parking.

Last June, the SLO City Council voted unanimously to double downtown parking rates, effective July 2023, with  plans to build a fourth parking structure. Two-hour street parking in the main downtown core today increased from $2 an hour to $4 per hour while parking in structures rose from $1.50 an hour to $3 per hour.

The city also eliminated its first-hour-free component to parking structure rates effective today. After the public complained, the city instituted a park local program that allows county residents to still get a free hour, as long as they register with the city.

In addition to rate increases, the city is launching its new gateless technology at public parking structures downtown, starting with the historic Chinatown structure at 842 Palm Street. Customers are now required to estimate the time they will be downtown, and pay up front.

The city photographs license plate numbers as vehicles enter the structure. Customers can then either pay at one of the structure’s pay stations or through an app.

Additionally, the city has increased parking and standing fines:

Non-paid or expired parking tickets to increase from $40 to $45.
Standing, stopping, or parking within intersection tickets to increase from $40 to $60.
Standing, stopping, or parking on the roadside of a vehicle stopped, parked, or standing at the curb tickets to increase from $33 to $60.

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No free parking in town unless you park yourself on the sidewalk, in a doorway, under a bridge or on the street.

Or work for the city, are an elected official, or already have a taxpayer funded compensation package of $250,000 or more.

This hilarious! The garage is essentially one big parking meter. An advantage before was you didn’t have to worry about your meter expiring. So what, now you can get a ticket if you overstay your estimate? Hand to god, the SLO airport and the parking garage are the only public parking places I’ve used that make you pay entering not exiting. How does that make any sense?

Don’t forget these are the same set of clowns that are making $250k-$500k per year.

Yup…Thats it for me. The only reason I was visiting downtown any more was to take in a movie. I’d rather spend the parking fees on fuel to drive to the Regency in AG than have to pay these ridiculous prices for parking. Most movies are two hours long these days. By the time you pay for parking you could practically buy another ticket or at least paid for your popcorn & drinks.

County residents should be exempt from parking fees. You are obviously using license plate readers to enforce parking downtown. Locals should be able to register their vehicle plates with the city so as not to have to pay for parking. Pretty sure the majority of cars parking downtown are not local residents. I don’t know many locals that head downtown to shop. Dinner or lunch maybe. But now between parking and a tip I think my money would be better spent if I went somewhere else.

the money generated will be used to fund an increase in salaries for city employees. their salaries and benefits are already criminally high. if we paid them what they are worth we could balance the budget in a week.

Better yet, eliminate the numerous, nonessential city and county jobs.

The bike lane mess they created and now this. I’ll avoid downtown SLO for sure now. Home Depot and Costco area and GTFO.

They want to jam local parkers into a structure that is used for jury summoned and jury seated people,

So what’s rhe chances of getting your “token”free hour at that structure?

Am I wrong?

Or is it all the structures in town?

It should be free the first hour in all structures.