Nipomo hires new general manager

August 11, 2023

Ray Dienzo


The Nipomo Community Services District Board voted on Wednesday to appoint Raymond Dienzo as general manager.

Dienzo replaces Mario Iglesias who announced plans to retire last February. After six months of recruiting efforts, the Nipomo board determined Dienzo was the best candidate for the job.

For more than three years, Dienzo worked for the Cambria Community Services District as a utilities department manager and district engineer. After John Weigold resigned from the district in November, Dienzo served as interim general manager until the district hired Matthew McElhenie in April.

The Nipomo board voted to pay Dienzo $185,000 annually and a $100 a month phone allowance.

Nipomo Community Services District serves a population of 13,500 with 4,480 customer accounts providing sewer, water, solid waste, street lighting, landscape and drainage services.

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So he was acting general manager in Cambria but they didn’t want to hire him permanent then Nipomo hires him at 20,000 more than the person who has been there for yrs Yes that makes Political sense completely

That is an absurd amount of money for that role. Should be a volunteer position imo!

How about you volunteer? It’s just a second full-time job that requires a lot of technical knowledge, organization, and leadership… Really anyone could do it.

The old guy, Iglesias, was paid 165,000 per year. So these petty Nipomo officials give a less experienced guy 185,000 to learn the old guy’s job. Another perfect illustration of what ails California.