SLO man struck and killed on Highway 101 in Pismo Beach

August 25, 2023



A driver struck and killed a 61-year-old San Luis Obispo man who attempted to run across Highway 101 in Pismo Beach Thursday night, according to the CHP.

Mikaela Torres, a 23-year-old from Carpinteria, was driving a 2011 Nissan southbound on Highway 101 north of Five Cities Drive. At approximately 9:12 p.m., the man attempted to run across the southbound lanes into the center median.

The man ran directly in the path of Torres’s Nissan. Torres was not able to avoid the man, resulting in a collision that killed the San Luis Obispo resident and caused major damage to the Nissan. Torres sustained major injuries, as well.

It is unclear why the man was running on the highway. The investigation into the fatal collision is ongoing.

Officials request that anyone who has information about the crash call Officer Alvarez, the San Luis Obispo CHP Area’s Public Information Officer, at (805) 594-8700.

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This is what happens when pedestrians and cyclists are “empowered” to think they have the right away no matter what. As if in every single situation the vehicle is in the wrong. This is the result of that ineptitude.

Who runs across the lanes of traffic at night and accidently gets hit by a car?