State settles with company over pesticide violations in SLO County

September 16, 2023


The state of California has reached a settlement with a major agricultural pesticide company over allegations that it violated application regulations in four counties, one of which is San Luis Obispo County. [KCLU]

Soil fumigation company TriCal is one of the largest agricultural pesticide applicators in California. TriCal allegedly violated application rules while working in the Central Coast counties of Ventura, San Luis Obispo and Monterey.

The worst violations occurred in Monetary County, investigators said. In one Monterey County incident, 39 farmworkers were exposed to a pesticide. Three farmworkers needed to seek medical care. 

In all, TriCal committed a total of 61 pesticide use violations spread over nine incidents, according to the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR). The violations involved the use of the chemicals 1,3-Dichloropropene and chloropicrin. 

DPR reach a settlement with TriCal that will place the company’s license on probation for two years. The settlement requires TriCal to provide one week’s notice before spraying near sensitive areas likes schools, neighborhoods and businesses. TriCal also needs to increase its monitoring. 

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State to company… ‘you did a terrible thing, extend your hand’.

Sound heard ‘slap.’

I got double hi non-hodgkins lymphoma from RoundUp that was applied on our land. The lawsuit got me 150k, but I only got 29% of that after the lawyers fees and Medicare fees. France banned this stuff. Our FDA and our farmers don’t really care about your health, they care about profits. Avoid this chemical and ask local farmers to find another way to control weeds. Also, city, which i won’t mention was spraying it on the banks of our river until I brought it to their attention. No one likes to look at fish with an extra eye or two.