Newsom reverses parole for Dystiny Myers killer, second time

September 16, 2023

Dystiny Myers


Gov. Gavin Newsom, for the second time, reversed a parole board decision to grant parole to Jason Greenwell, one of the five killers of 15-year-old runaway Dystiny Myers.

“When considered as a whole, I find the evidence shows that Mr. Greenwell currently poses an unreasonable danger to society if released from prison at this time,” Newson said on Thursday. “To date, Mr. Greenwell has only served 13 years, rather than the minimum 15-year sentence he would have served under the law that existed at the time of his conviction.”

This was the second time the parole board granted an early release to Greenwell and the second time Newsom has reversed their decision. On July 27, District Attorney Dan Dow wrote a letter to Newsom urging him to use his authority to once again reverse the parole board’s decision.

In Sept. 2010, firefighters found Myers’ body burned and buried in a shallow grave near Santa Margarita with her legs bound behind her, sweatpants tied around her throat and a glove stuffed in her mouth.

Jason Greenwell testifying at trial

Greenwell was convicted of second-degree murder in 2013. He was the only defendant to testify in the Myers murder trial. In exchange for his testimony, the district attorney’s office agreed to make him eligible for parole after 15 years.

The other four defendants each received sentences of life in prison without the possibility of parole for their involvement in Myers’ murder.

In Nov. 2021, the parole board ruled Greenwell was suitable for parole. Following the hearing, the parole board’s legal office reviewed the decision and approved of it.

Dow objected to the early parole in 2021, and the governor agreed.

During the Myers murder trial, Greenwell testified that Rhonda Wisto, who was housing the teenage girl at the time, ordered the murder and that Ty Hill helped plan the killing.

Wisto, as well as her son Frank York, stood trial and received first-degree murder convictions with torture and kidnapping enhancements. Hill accepted a plea deal of life in prison without parole in order to avoid the death penalty.

Cody Miller, the fifth defendant, also agreed to a plea deal resulting in life in prison without the possibility of parole. Miller, however, requested that he not receive eligibility for parole because he said he did not belong in society. In 2016, Miller committed suicide.

As part of his testimony, Greenwell passed on Myers’ final words as she was beaten to death.

“She said, tell her mom that she loved her,” Greenwell said.

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Geese that 15 years went by fast! It baffles me who-ever those non-thinkers are, who are in charge of parole, could just ignore the facts of this case and want this guy out and about? They sure don’t think about the rest of us. He is going to be screwed up in the head the rest of his life! I would assume you don’t just do something like this and not fall deep into the pits of hell. I understand he told the story. But he also participated.

Rhonda Wisto is one of the least sympathetic human beings I’ve ever encountered in one of these types of stories. There have been murderers who I have felt some sympathy for. Mind you, not the “set them free” kind of sympathy. More of a sad acknowledgement that if life had been different for them everybody would be better off.

Not Rhonda Wisto. She is a sociopathic empty void of humanity who used drugs to build a gang of troubled kids for her narcissistic ego. If not for her I don’t think this kid commits this crime. He owed up to what he did and helped put that awful woman away forever alongside her rotten kid. Having said that, there are mistakes you can never take back or ever walk them back. I support Newsome here. He has to at least do the 15 before he gets to make any case that he has changed.

15 yeqrs for what was done to that child is ridiculous. He should never get out of prison.

Much appreciation goes to District Attorney Dan Dow for imploring Governor Newsome to reject the unconscionable decision of the state parole board. Why was Jason Greenwell even considered for parole in 2021 after serving only 8 years of his 15-year sentence? His case is reviewed every two years? California criminal justice makes no sense, and it is too seldom concerned about justice for the victims. The Dystiny Myers case involved some of the most heinous, depraved and evil circumstances ever seen with a murder case in SLO County history. She was horribly abused and tortured by demons incarnate – pathetic drug abusing, satanic worshipping, death metal wannabe “musicians”. They were the poster boys for Baphomet bullies. In simple terms: oxygen thieving total losers.

Greenwell deserves to serve his full 15-year prison sentence, and Dystiny Myers deserves eternal peace and comfort while in the company of angels.

It’s good to see that even liberals recognize that it’s better to be tough on criminals than merciful whenever possible.

Good decision by Governor Newsom. I’m generally opposed to zero possiblity of parole on principle (a 20 year old killer is a different person in their 60s). But that being said, 13 years isn’t even the minimum. He can ask again in two years, even then he likely deserves longer.

Keep him in. Raise my taxes as necessary.