Attorney General Bonta stays assault weapons ban

October 29, 2023


The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ granted an administrative stay to a recent federal judge’s ruling that California’s ban on assault weapons is unconstitutional, Attorney General Rob Bonta announced Saturday.

“We must protect our communities from these dangerous weapons,” Bonta said. “Today’s decision means that it remains unlawful to purchase, transfer, or possess assault weapons in California as we continue to defend the law on appeal and seek reversal of the dangerous and misguided district court decision that, if upheld, would put our communities at grave risk.”

In ruling against California’s assault weapon ban, U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez said a 1989 prohibition against semi-automatic weapons could not stand under a 2022 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that expanded gun rights.

Bonta quickly filed a notice of appeal to the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which has a history of upholding gun control laws.

As a result of the appeals court’s order, California’s ban on assault weapons remains in effect until further notice. The Ninth Circuit expedited the appeal in this case. placing it on calendar for oral argument in Dec. 2023.

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How many mental hospitals could we have build with the money we have given to Ukraine? I would think quite a few.

Right now the patents are in charge of the asylum .

In Atascadero its the union thats in control, part of why they are always looking for people, the union protects the bad employees and the good ones get tired of not being able to fire the bad ones and leave.

Or cut the salaries and perks for all politicians in Washington DC.

The countries that do not have these weapons do not have the mass murders created by these weapons. People have been hunting for millennia before such literal overkill machines existed. No one who needs such a “tool” to “hunt” should be allowed into a forest. The only thing these weapons were designed for is murdering human beings.

The only other reason to have one is to feel more “potent” and “powerful” because one possesses the ability to kill at that accelerated rate, should they choose.

It certainly appears that they think it makes up for other attributes that they do not possess. Which makes all the death and suffering at the hands of those who take that “power” the cost of their little ego trip.

But by all means, let’s let all this killing continue ad infinitum, since it is such a quandary as to how to solve the thing. Half the time it’s just kids, after all.

Handguns are responsible for more deaths than the so called “Assault Rifle”. These weapons are designed to protect good people from bad people. BAD PEOPLE are the problem not the gun. If you really think the reason people want to own such a weapon is to feel more “potent” and “powerful”, you are 100% correct. I just call it well prepared.

Self loading rifles have been commercially available since 1906. Arguably, every self loading rifle available for civilian use…which is all of them… uses ammunition that has greater energy levels than the .223 cartridge used in the AR15.

It’s not the firearm, never has been. Cain killed Abel with a rock. David slew Goliath with a rock thrown faster. Should the sling have been outlawed, for the ease at which it kills ultra large people?

Here’s a fun one for you: My .54 caliber, muzzle loading, blackpowder, caplock rifle, has the “overkill” to punch it’s bullet clean through a deer, even in the forest.

You’ve proven by your words, that you haven’t the slightest idea about firearms.

You might want to sit down for this last little tid-bit—the AR15, accounts for about 0.010% of all long gun murders (includes shotguns, and even my muzzle loader), which as of last year was just around 541. Yes, that’s all. Yes, despite the daily dozens of deaths at every school ever built, the FBI says 541 were it. Still sitting down? Nearly 700 people were murdered by fists and feet. Yup, beaten to death. Are you willing to turn in your kitchen knives? Because over 1600 people were murdered by knives and stabbing! Yes! Your kitchen is a killer’s smorgasbord of death devices…and no background check needed!

So, yeah. It’s not the firearm. Never was, never has been. Some people are just plain crazy enough to kill, no matter what.

Israel, October 7 2023 . Ukraine,  February 24, 2022 There are two types of people in this world . One with guns . One without guns . The people with the guns shot the [*#@k out of the people with out the guns .

2nd Amendment was never about hunting, it was about tyranny; specifically protection from. Last time I checked, our/your government has a few weapons with greater firepower than an assault rifle. History is hard (to swallow sometimes).

To all those who find our record of mass murders insignificant, wow. I would think that all the dead innocents would be enough for anyone to give up their fetish, whatever it was. Instead, I get these replies, steeped in their thrill over their possession of instruments of death that serve no other purpose.

Regarding what happened in Ukraine as a rationalization, what are you protecting yourself from? A hostile invasion from Canada? As for Israel, that is an example of a citizenry that are nearly all weapons trained and it did not solve the problem created by hardliners of both sides who chose deadly force over diplomacy, and the people who support them.

Personally, I prefer the well trained and disciplined members of the military that we pay though the nose for, over random local fetishists, unless Canada or Mexico gets serious about that ground invasion. Seriously, people.

And pointing to murders (mostly incidents of a single mortality) by other means, rocks, knives, etc., duh. Think how much more could have been accomplished with the right “tool”. Good luck trying to take out whole classrooms, or a nightclub full of people with a rock. That argument goes a good bit further towards my point.

As for the force of one bullet over another, fired from whatever weapon, explain that to the parents of the children killed in their classrooms and the survivors of any other massacre. Could you face them and make such statements?

There are those who pretend that all we need is MORE GUNS in general and everything would be peaceful and “great” again. However, they need to bone up on American history, because that approach has been tried before and peaceful co-existence was not the outcome. Or we would still be doing it. It was nicknamed “The Wild West” and the rate of death per capita was considerably higher than it is now.

I come from my share of pioneering, hunting and military stock. I am commenting on what is appropriate and what is not in that context.

Those who do not study history are destined to repeat it. Are repeating it. I just wish that the rest of us were not being dragged along with you.

Why are you so obsessed with these so-called “assault weapons?” Why is the shape and color of the gun so important to you? Is it because you’re ignorant and just regurgitate the party line, without any knowledge of what you’re saying?

I don’t recall using that term once. Nor shape or color. My comments have referred to design, function, and capacity. Perhaps a response should be tailored to the actual comment, rather than just inserting a stock argumentative piece of rhetoric. The comment about regurgitation seems more aptly a self-observation.

If we are talking history. In every instance where people gave up their guns or had them taken away. They lost their freedom. Guns = freedom according to history. More guns might not be the answer Ill give you that. to say less or no guns is the answer is a farce. All the killings and school shootings you mention happen in gun free zones.

“serve no other purpose” – prove that assertion with data. Here’s some data for you, courtesy of the FBI. There are around 10,000 murders with guns in the US every year. There are in excess of 450 million privately owned firearms in this country. That means that 99.999% of firearms are NOT used to commit a murder. How can you argue that they “serve no other purpose” when virtually none of them are used to murder someone. You need a fresh script to read from; preferably one based on fact.

I read a statistic today (DOJ or CDC ?) that there are between 600k and 1.5 million defensive uses of firearms (all types) in the US (2019 data). Yet you never hear of this from the big news outfits, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, etc…

Wonder why that is? Let’s suppose the real number is only half of that. Same question, why do we not hear about that? Could it be that the big media folks have an agenda? Oh, say it ain’t so…

Well, you make a good point, or rather, seem to have picked up on my point. The weapons designed specifically for killing people are owned by quite a few people who obviously seem to need them to bolster their ego, since they haven’t actually killed anyone with them yet. Or had their kid take it to school and wipe out a few classes.

What else are they good for, besides killing people? If you are expecting to protect yourself from our government with one, well, that is just hilarious. You really wouldn’t be much of a match for our very well trained and very well armed military. Are you not aware of their budget? So perhaps you need to take that fact into account.

Our young government was not about to set people up to create insurrection against their hard-earned nascent organization. No thinking person would swallow such obvious propaganda.

I don’t need a “script”, I am capable of critical thinking. But every one of these “comebacks” to my original comment have a hackneyed, extremely overly familiar ring to them. The term is “projection”.

Politicians definition of assault rifle= plastic pieces attached to a normal semi automatic rifle…insane.

I’m going to need to put my flack vest on for my comments I’m sure. I don’t own a so called assault rifle( nor do I wish to) which is a name given a gun by the Government! There are many people who use these type of guns for hunting and just shooting and will not kill people with them. The gun is not capable of killing without a person in control of it so that is what you should be concentrating on. You look at the mass shootings and even if the person got the gun legally there were red flags that were not acted on to possibly prevent the shootings.You can’t get mental health backgrounds due to privacy laws so that doesn’t help. Unfortunately you can’t stop crazy people from doing bad things which is sad. When you arrest a mass killer you feed and shelter him in prison for life instead of the other way which I don’t agree with. I feel for everyone that is a victim of these killings and wish there was a definite solution to it.

Instead of going after millions of honest citizens who own these weapons and cause no problems, wouldn’t be easier to go after the insane? The shooter in Maine literally told the doctors he was going to shoot people and no one kept an eye on him? It would make more sense, and cost less, to assign 3 people in rotating 8 hour shifts just to sit and watch him.

But then the government wouldn’t have a mass shooting to use as justification for tyranny. C’mon man! Think!