San Simeon Pier closed due to missing pylons

October 19, 2023

San Simeon Pier


California State Parks closed the San Simeon Pier to the public earlier this month after rangers discovered two of the pier’s three long support pylons were missing. [Tribune]

The long pylons had been in place during a previous inspection. But a follow-up inspection of the San Simeon Pier revealed the pylons were missing.

After making the determination, rangers contacted state engineers, who recommended that the pier be closed as soon as possible. State Parks did so immediately, closing the pier on Oct. 6. 

In 1957, San Luis Obispo County built the current pier in San Simeon, replacing one commissioned by then-U.S. Sen. George Hearst in 1878. The county extended the pier by 300 feet in 1969. State Parks has controlled the pier since 1971.

Since 2021, a narrow strip on the north side of the San Simeon Pier has been closed to the public. The deck of that part of the pier was sagging as a result of age and storm damage. In the aftermath of closing that part of the pier, State Parks has been conducting a study of the problems that have potentially made the structure unsafe.

Current plans call for State Parks to add or replace about 50 piles on the San Simeon Pier, as well as about 20% of all cross beams. State Parks also plans to fix the pier’s entire curb rail and railing, as well as decking. Additionally, the agency plans to add a water line and hydrant.

Officials have yet to provide estimates as to when the pier may reopen and how much repairs will cost. 

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MAYBE parking meters to pay for it?

Oooo! And a big parking garage too, with green bicycle paths all around. We all know that’s the best way to produce revenue from happy people!

So the pier will be closed for the next 40 years? Just like the citizen owned rest stops along 101? Maybe they can clean up all the lost pylons from Gaviota pier littering the Gaviota coast beaches while they are at it? If i lost 50 creosote encrusted pylons on that beautiful coastline the state would be demanding clean-up and or fines

Maybe while they’re at it, State Parks can do something about the filthy conditions at San Simeon Campground. I was embarrassed to showcase my county home to a group of bicycle tourists from Colorado and Puerto Rico. The lukewarm showers were taken in ankle deep wastewater from a backed up drain, and the Hike ‘n Bike campsite was on the shoulder of the One. Your tax dollars at work. Embarrassing.

Must be a recent thing, we camped there in April and had a great time. Everything was clean and no issues.

Just remember this the next time you vote. Elections have consequences.

The Hike & Bike is NOT on the shoulder of the highway. The 2 H&B sites are with 17 other campsites in the same area, 20ft below the highway in the Van Gordon Creek ravine.

The campground has always been one of the better maintained in the state park system. You had a small bit of bad luck, but should not blame the park for that. Did you report the clogged drain? The employees are very good at responding to maintenance needs, as I have witnessed first hand.

Camping is always about accepting what may come, and how you deal with it.