Why I stand with Israel and against extermination of Jews

October 19, 2023

Andrea Seastrand


I am a resident of San Luis Obispo County and the State of California. I am a citizen of the Great Republic of the United States. I am a Catholic. I am a pro-lifer. I am a staunch opponent of totalitarian and authoritarian governments.And I am a great supporter of the State of Israel and all Jews throughout the world!

I asked the County Board of Supervisors to support a resolution in strong support of Israel and opposing the extermination of Jews.

Just look around our nation this past weekend. Thousands in New York City, San Francisco and on many universities and colleges campuses outright calling for the killing of Jews. Unbelievable.

I am crying for the thousands and thousands of our men and women who fought and died in World War II to eliminate a totalitarian government…Nazism! They gave their lives and today we see Neo Nazis in our streets of America calling for the killing of Jews. It’s surreal.

Just this past weekend, Christopher Wray, head of the FBI, warned all of domestic terrorist attacks here in the United States. The terrorists consider America to be the Great Satan.

Not surprised due to the Neo Nazism indoctrination of students at the Harvard’s and Columbia’s and many other universities and colleges across this nation.

But most importantly, it’s the open borders today…both northern and especially the southern border with thousands crossing every day and being placed on buses, trains and planes and traveling to all parts of this land including our State of California…a sanctuary state.

Previously on two occasions, I requested that this board take a position opposing the designation of this state…including this county, being a sanctuary state. And unfortunately, the motions re this request failed on a 3 to 2 vote.

Thank you Supervisor John Peschong and Supervisor Debbie Arnold for your support of the requests.

Supervisors Bruce Gibson, Dawn Ortiz-Legg and Jimmy Paulding voted against the motions and for a sanctuary state.

And so…today is another day. Please take a stand and support the State of Israel and all Jews throughout the world…and right here in our County of San Luis Obispo!

May our God have mercy on all of us.

Andrea Seastrand is a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives,a grassroots activist and the current president of the Central Coast Taxpayers Association.

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Sad when a branch of government can’t condem genocide.

Oh, well, they certainly CAN condemn genocide….. it’s just that this particular assemblage of officials WON’T condemn it.

Golda Meir said and I agree…

Until the Muslins love their children more than they hate us there will be no peace. They even bombed yesterday their own hospital in Gaza, documented truth. Did they apologize to their people…No they blamed the Jews. That’s hate!

Let’s not forget what happened on Israel’s highest holy day the Jews were butchered on their own land. What is wrong with you who support Hammas. Don’t think for a minute they won’t come here (they are probably already here).

This is not a topic for the County Board of Supervisors.

Look, I oppose Hamas, and very much am anti-Nazi. But neo-Nazis are not what is going on on college campuses, it’s a different set of I think weak at best, morally corrupt at worst set reasons stemming from misplaced anti-colonial sentiments. I think most of these protests are bad; there is a way to criticize Israel, or sympathize for innocent Palestinians, while also fully condemning Hamas – these student protests are failing at that and doing a lot of damage to their credibility as “progressives”. But the author isn’t capturing any of that complexity – we are not talking about reality if we are talking about college neo-Nazis. And then why are we talking about immigration? What? How does this have anything to do with Israel-Palestine. Are you comparing the pogrom on October 7, the largest massacre of Jews since 1945 to Mexican and Canadian illegal immigrants? – I assume you are since it takes up nearly half the articles length. It’s so out of left field I’m not even sure if it’s offensive, but it is ridiculous. Take the talk of Nazis and Mexican migrants to a different conversation.

Many terrorists potentialy crossing the open border

No one is marching. You’re thinking of the NeoNazi maga “Jews will not replace us” in Charlottesville.

I’m against all wars and violence. People are against America because we invade and slaughter them at will. Bush said he prayed to his Christian god, and god actually gave him permission to invade and destroy Iraq. God didn’t tell him there were no WMD. God granted him the right to send a perceived Christian army to a Muslim country and kill over 1,000,000 innocent humans.

He then said “there were no WMD’s but imagine a world with Saddam in it” well, we don’t have to imagine, because bush slaughtered innocent humans, while he was pretending that someone else was going to MAYBE attack someone with something he didn’t have. THAT’S why they hate us.

The right wing had people convinced that we were attacked because “they hate our freedoms” and for Criminal Trump to say there were fine people on both sides should have had consequences but here we are. We have military bases all over planet earth. If 50 countries had military bases here, how would YOU feel?

I’ve seen whining about China buying land in areas by military bases. So? They’re not building military bases on our land.

Let’s see the automatic down votes exactly on party lines. It’s absolutely guaranteed that they’ll come.

I’ll answer my own question. This is disingenuous. She is attempting to activate your brain with hot button issues that have zero bearing on Israel to try to sway your opinion. If she cared about the people in Israel, she would be looking at the thousands of people on both sides who are dying and draft a resolution in support of deescalating the conflict…not just supporting sweet, bloody revenge that prolongs death and unbelievable suffering. (Checks Bible…..yep, that’s what Jesus would do)

Andrea, this seriously has nothing (ZERO) to do with Nazis in the US or Israel, US borders, abortion, or Catholicism.

What a muddled up mess of an opinion piece. Is this really how Ms Seastrand’s mind operates or is this disingenuous? Thousands are not marching on cities and campuses calling for extermination of the Jews. Universities are not indoctrinating Neo Nazis. Neo Nazis and Palestinian terrorists are not pouring over our borders. Your shrill opinion (like many here) lack an understanding of nuance in a complex situation, lacks any understanding of history, lacks any understanding or acknowledgment of the other side’s perspective. Everything must fit neatly into a slot….good or evil. Heaven or Hell. Life must suck if you can’t appreciate nuance and complexity.

Actually over 100 protesters were arrested today for invading the Capitol building and protesting our support of Israel. (Will they receive the same sentences as the January 6 protesters? I doubt it).

Israel became a nation after WWll by a vote of all the countries in the world. By international law, Israel has a right to exist. Get over it already.

Hamas et al do not want peace nor this land; they just want to exterminate the Jews. This has finally become painfully obvious in their utterly barbaric attack, beheading babies, killing young people at a music festival, raping women, taking hostages and using their own people as human shields.

Andrea is absolutely right. This Board of Supervisors has passed all kinds of resolutions but is too afraid to stand for freedom. Very sad.

Respectfully, protesting our government’s unconditional support of Israel is very different than Seastrand’s laughable claim that there are “Neo Nazis in our streets of America calling for the killing of Jews.” Laughable but not at all funny.

Again context and history are important. Your claim Israel came into being by a vote of “all countries or the world” is factually wrong. It was only the security council of a brand new UN. Arab countries and the Palestiniens that lived there most certainly did not agree. Nor did the anyone agree on borders for two supposedly independent states. Since 1947 Israel has continued to push Palestiniens out of their historic homes. Look up a map of the 1947 UN Partition Plan.

I’m not even going to get into your recitation of debunked propaganda like hundreds of beheaded babies. The Palestiniens were wrong to kill innocents…but that doesn’t make it ok to lay siege to 2 million civilians. I don’t accept you vision of “freedom”. Surely you’ve heard of “an eye for an eye.”

Israel belongs to the Jews. The people living there were occupiers. They left according to what I read out of their own free will. No one pushed them out. Jews are reclaiming their historic homeland and graciously are allowing people who are trained to wipe them out of their to exist on land that belongs to the Jewish nation. Israel did not need a vote of anyone to return to their sacred holy land. The Palestinians that lived there had no say in the matter, it was not theirs to decide. You people forget the history of Israel and totally disregard the Jews desire to live in peace and accommodate the Palestinians. And this is the worst period of Antisemitism I have seen in my entire life and the Board would not pass a resolution to condemn an organization that has the same goals as the Nazis that they claim to protest. Frankly the Board was trapped into revealing their true inclination.

According to what you read?…Jews called dibs, wandered away for a few hundred years, then decided to reclaim it? That’s a pretty funny story. During the Ottoman Empire, Palestine’s population was about 5% Jewish, 80% Muslim, 10% Christian. Those 5% that were Jews were ethnically very different from each other.

It is not antisemitism to call out your terrible grasp of history nor is it antisemitism to point out that violence begets more violence and wholesale revenge against civilians should not be acceptable.

Andrea’s heart is in a good place, those who opposed her are doing so just to be in opposition.

worse, many of them are Antisemitic bigots.