Woman beats Paso Robles man with a bat in parking lot

October 21, 2023

Nick Bundren


A San Miguel woman is facing assault charges after she allegedly beat a Paso Robles man with a bat during a jealous rage last week.

On the evening of Oct. 12, Nick Bundren was at the Dollar General store on the 900 block of K Street in San Miguel looking to buy matching pajamas for his family when 31-year-old Janine Cesena accused him of having a relationship with her girlfriend, Bundren said. Cesena then beat 32-year-old Bundren in the head and back with the baseball bat.

First responders transported Bundren to Sierra Vista Regional Hospital in San Luis Obispo for treatment of a fractured skull, concussion and internal bleeding. Bundren lost hearing in one ear and continues to suffer issues with his sight, Bundren said. He is currently unable to drive a car or work.

His family set up a gofundme account to help with expensive related to the assault.

SLO County deputies arrested Cesena for assault. She has since been released from jail.


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These people live in an RV in front of Dollar General, San Miguel.

Amazed she was freed already, she attempted murder. His skull is broken! They are known in San Miguel and frequent the 352 11th St & L St alley.

It sounds like the victim is lucky to have survived this brutal felony assault with great bodily injury. He could easily have died. Meanwhile this woman is back out on the streets and is free to terrorize the family as they deal with what could be lifelong injuries, loss of income and the trauma she caused them. Disgusting.

The justice system has failed us all. I just wonder if a male would be free if he bludgeoned a female with a bat?

Was the bat or the dollar store at fault here?

Maybe you shouldn’t cheat on your crazy girlfriend.

Gofundme NOT.

Should be a 10 day wait on the purchase of baseball equipment, while a federal criminal background check is done…

Ban “assault” baseball bats!

Regarding sarcastic comments against gun regulations….you DO realize that the victim survived this bat assault and likely would not have if a gun were involved, right?….especially considering the perp was willing to assault at “point blank”.

Also this perp may have had prior convictions or mental health issues that prevented her from getting a gun….so existing gun regulations might have saved the victim’s life.

If someone wants to argue that a bat is as deadly as a gun, please go right ahead…I’m all ears.

Read the Second Amendment, it is as important as the First Amendment.

If someone really wants a gun they can get it. “Gun regulations”? Pfft! I bet if you really needed help you would very much welcome someone with a gun to come to your rescue. The victim only survived the bludgeoning because a female was swinging the bat. If a grown man came up on you with one you probably would not get up again

Lesson learned NOT to cheat the hardway!

Well, equality should include punishment along with everything else. That’s a brutal crime.