SLO teen allegedly tags at least 25 locations with graffiti

October 20, 2023


A 19-year-old man allegedly spray painted graffiti at more than two dozen locations in the city of San Luis Obispo on Monday.

Most, if not all, of the graffiti consists of the same tag. A photo of a tagged street sign circulated by the San Luis Obispo Police Department indicates the graffiti consists of spray painted sad faces with Xs for eyes. 

On Monday morning, a person called the police department and reported a man with a can of white spray paint who was walking on a path adjacent to the railroad tracks near Poinsettia Street in the Arbors neighborhood. Shortly afterwards, there was fresh graffiti on the path, as well as in a nearby tunnel connecting to the Spanish Oaks neighborhood.

Officers searched the area but did not find the suspect. However, the officers found 12 locations with the same graffiti. The graffiti had been painted on street signs, in the tunnel and on concrete walls, police said.

That afternoon, a patrol officer noticed two males walking on Santa Rosa Street approaching Olive Street. One of the males was wearing a jacket painted with the same tag that officers found in the morning. The man was also holding a skateboard that had the same tag on the underside of the board. 

The officer detained the man, 19-year-old Benjamin Cain. 

A caller later reported additional graffiti at French Park. Police found 12 locations in the park and surrounding neighborhood with the same graffiti. 

The police department is requesting the SLO County District Attorney’s Office charge Cain with vandalism. 

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Caught taggers should have their face dipped in permanent green dye. Marked forever

Send him to Singapore and see what the punishment is. He wouldn’t wouldn’t be tagging anymore.

If he is 19 as they say then he should be charged as a adult and not say he is just a child and didn’t realize it was wrong He’s old enough to join military which is probably the best place for him. Years ago his father or mother would of handled this and I’m sure he would not do it again but not in these times

Is it too fanciful a thought that young Benjamin Cain will be required (under supervision) to clean and repair his michchevious acts of vandalism?

No, restitution and community service cleaning up graffiti under bridges and in public areas is the best way to correct his dirty habit.