Another recall petition filed to oust SLO County Supervisor Bruce Gibson

November 28, 2023

Woman serving SLO County Supervisor Bruce Gibson recall petition


A citizens group launched a second recall effort on Tuesday to oust San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson.

The Committee to Support the Recall of Supervisor Bruce Gibson served the District 2 supervisor a copy of the recall notice at the dais shortly before the start of Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting. Along with proof of service, the committee then filed a notice of intent to recall with the SLO County Clerk-Recorder’s Office.

The committee points at Gibson’s alleged failures to follow open government laws, abuse of power, and his micromanagement of county departments as reasons for the recall effort.

On Nov. 14, SLO County Clerk-Recorder Elaina Cano canceled the previous recall Supervisor Bruce Gibson petition after the filers missed a deadline.

The committee will now need to gather about 7,500 signatures. If successful, the recall for District 2 supervisor could be on a special ballot next year.

While the voters will then decide whether or not Gibson stays in office, they will not select his replacement.

In 2022, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill that changed the way elected officials in California can be recalled. Before 2023, the recall election permitted voters to select a replacement. Based on Assembly Bill 2584, Gov. Newsom is now charged with appointing a District 2 supervisor if Gibson is recalled.

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No matter, what happens with this recall, it’s a win-win for Governor Newsom. If it’s succeeds, it gives governor Newsom more power to control our county as he gets to handpick the replacement.

That’s what makes this recall effort so pitifully foolish. it’s an absolute lose lose situation for anyone who does not like Governor Newsom. This is got to be one of the stupidest recall efforts. I’ve heard in my lifetime. I can’t imagine any rational people either liberal or conservative when he signed the petition if they understand what it means

This Recall Petition needs 7,500 QUALIFIED District 2 Voter signatures. By what date? Reporting article doesn’t say. That’s an awful lot of signatures and won’t be easy. Seems like a lot of wasted time and money IMO. Backers of this petition might be better off searching for a charismatic, smart, qualified candidate to take him on when his term runs out. Just sayin’.

I don’t think it will be a problem getting those signatures. From what I hear, just about all of Atascadero would be happy to sign.

Do we forget Gibson only won this last election by a mere 30 votes?? Many feel he has overreached his position. Power Hungry, and a Bully from what I hear.

Get it right. Get him out.

Gibson: corrupt, sleazy, a liar and a bully. What’s not to love?

Don’t forget adulterers

As if that should matter. Have you ever heard the one about not casting stones at Glass houses?

Waste of time

AKA: the sore losers recall. A huge waste of taxpayer time and money. And another clear and disturbing example of Republican lynch mob mentality fueling its effort to dismantle democracy in America. Who will they go after next?

What’s so great about him?

I wonder if he could reappoint Gibson?

It won’t be necessary. The majority of Gibson constituents are very pleased with his performance and that’s why they continue to reelect him year after year. The thought that he might be replaced by some deranged MAGA clone pretty much assures that rational and patriotic conservatives and liberals will not support the recall and the effort to cripple democracy in our nation.

Our nation is not a democracy. Never has been. Purposely designed to not be.

I’m not a MAGA, I just want to see someone honest in the position.

Find someone and let us know. So far the Republicans have come up with nobody.