SLO County Supervisor Bruce Gibson recall response under fire

November 29, 2023

Supervisor Bruce Gibson


San Luis Obispo Supervisor Bruce Gibson lied on his recall response as he often does whenever it serves him. He counts on people not knowing the truth. Let’s review the accuracy of Bruce Gibson’s statements on his intent to recall notice. Here is his statement in his own words:

“Answer to Notice of Intention to Circulate a Recall Petition Supervisor Bruce Gibson, District 2 Oct. 31, 2023:

“I’m not surprised these highly-partisan activists would try this, given their track record:

  • They gerrymandered the district and lost anyway.
  • They demanded a recount when I won, then refused to pay our Elections Office what they owed.
  • They continue to peddle election fraud conspiracy theories.
  • This petition notice is full of distortions and lies — exactly like the losing campaign they ran against me just last year.
  • Note that two of the candidates I defeated last year are lead proponents of this recall.

“They’re MAGA fanatics and this is just what they do. San Luis Obispo County voters are smart and they’ll see through this vain attempt to nullify last year’s election. Voters are also tired of these constant attacks on our democracy. I expect this stunt will fail.”

In his familiar arrogant style, Supervisor Bruce Gibson refuses to acknowledge or address the disapproval of his constituents, instead he hurls condescending insults and dismissive comments towards the people who have had enough of his abusive behavior and self-serving actions as a public official.

Mr. Gibson said the petition notice is full of distortions and lies.  However, it’s his statements that are full of distortions and lies.

Let’s examine his statements more closely so we can see exactly how he misrepresents the truth, with his disdainful attitude towards the people he’s supposed to be representing. You will easily see how he misleads and who is lying.

First, Gibson states “They gerrymandered the district and lost anyway.” Is that true? The county paid Redistricting Partners, a consulting firm, $149,000 specifically to ensure the maps were done correctly. Their representative, Chris Chafee, gave input and counsel on the maps that were submitted to the county.

Mr. Chafee told the Board of Supervisors at the redistricting meeting that the Patten map followed all the guidelines and it was a good map. Are you aware of that? The liberal media was silent on that fact.

So, why did Bruce Gibson and Tom Fulks (his former campaign manager who he calls his “evil strategist”) repeatedly say that the map was gerrymandered? Because that is how they operate. There’s a familiar saying “Repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it’s the truth.” That is the strategy they use.

And with the Tribune and KSBY in their back pockets, they dutifully amplify the lies and uninformed citizens believe them. This is done repeatedly, on many subjects.

Bruce Gibson has no conscious about lying regarding anything that serves his purposes whether it’s about the Oceano Dunes or the Paso Robles Water Basin or why Tommy Gong left.

Lie #2: “They demanded a recount when I won, then refused to pay our elections office what they owed.” Is that the truth? No, it isn’t.

Darcia Stebbens is taking Elaina Cano to Superior Court because the commissioner on the small claims case said she couldn’t question Ms. Cano’s billing because she was a fellow county employee. Ms. Stebbens’ case involves an invoice without detailed charges and other questionable charges during the recount and is waiting to be heard by the court. Her hearing is in December. Please note Darcia is a CPA, she knows numbers. Gibson knows this.

Ms. Cano charged Ms. Stebbens each day during the recount for projected costs for that day, so how could she be over $7,000 off on her calculations? Scary when you know she’s counting the votes.

Cano did not provide a complete invoice for the initial deposit of $16,995. She was also not forthcoming during the recount and failed to provide all the information that was requested for review during the recount. Elaina Cano believes she can be judge and jury, stating the requested materials were not relevant. It isn’t her place to question and her failure to provide goes directly against the state election code regulations for recounts. What is she hiding?

County counsel Rita Neal is quick to support anything and everything, lawful or not, when it comes to protecting the county, which includes Gibson’s Brown Act violations, and Cano’s failure to produce the requested materials for the recount. Which includes the 332 provisional ballots that she (miraculously) found at the last minute and referred to as a “spreadsheet error,” but then refused to produce any of the evidence when requested by Ms. Stebbens.

Third, Gibson stated, “They continue to peddle election fraud conspiracy theories.” Interesting that Gibson who won by a mere 13 (questionable) votes is assuming who “they” are. He is obviously unaware that in counties and states across the country, judges are ruling on election fraud and banning the Dominion machines. Many cases  are still being heard on the matter. It’s no longer considered “conspiracy theories” it is a fact.

Most of Gibson’s responses are based on conjecture and assumptions. He saw Dr. Bruce Jones and John Whitworth’s names on the petition and wrongly assumed that Bruce Jones is one of the leading proponents. Gibson is desperately trying to make this about the election and imply this is a case of bad losers. Wrong again, Mr. Gibson.

“They’re MAGA fanatics” he purports, as though people who believe in freedom, lower taxes and smaller government are degenerates if they want their country to return to greatness.

Who really makes up the “they” Gibson keeps referring to? The petition that was turned in with sixty plus signatures (required by law when filing a recall), was signed by people from the Democrat party, Libertarians, Independents, No Party Preference and Republicans.

Across the board, people are fed up with Bruce Gibson and his unethical ways. He attempts to blame “they” and describe them as highly partisan activists, losers, and people upset with the election. What does he expect when he supports gutting Proposition 13? Everyone is against having their taxes raised!

Supervisor Gibson failed to address any point mentioned on the petition as to why he was being recalled. He doesn’t want to discuss the reality of his unprincipled behavior as an elected official.

The county supervisor position is non-partisan, yet Bruce Gibson is consistently partisan, divisive, and rude. He thinks he’s above everyone else, including the law. He does not represent all the people in his district, only the ones that agree with his liberal agenda. It’s not a democracy, Mr. Gibson, it’ a republic.  Of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Lastly, Gibson refers to the recall as a “political stunt.” Further diminishing the importance of the views of the people he represents. After years of misconduct, abuse of power, and betrayal of the public trust, concerned citizens of SLO county from all walks of life and party affiliations firmly believe a change in leadership is needed to restore the values and integrity of San Luis Obispo County.

Mr. Gibson simply doesn’t get it, or maybe he just doesn’t care what the people think.


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Gibson comes across as an intellectual but you peel just one layer away and you see a person ethically unfit to govern anything, anywhere. I hope the recall is successful. We deserve better, much better.

Pretty horrifying that CCN decided to publish an opinion piece with such blatant election misinformation. There was no election fraud in 2020, and over 60 courts in the nation found it as such. A Republican Attorney General said as much. I’m honestly not surprised that they chose to run this though, CCN seems to have fairly low journalistic standards. Also, didn’t they already try and recall Gibson? Didn’t it fail because they couldn’t be bothered to file a form by the correct date? Why waste more taxpayer funds with an election this close? If you’re that opposed to him, run a primary challenge or find a Republican who can beat him.