Deputies investigating Paso Robles city manager after abuse allegation

November 25, 2023

Paso Robles City Manager Ty Lewis


The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an abuse allegation lodged by a former mayoral candidate against Paso Robles City Manager Ty Lewis.

Michael Rivera, a candidate for mayor in 2022, said that Lewis assaulted him during a Homeless Strategic Plan Working Group meeting on Nov. 6. Rivera said that after the city manager grabbed his shoulder, he said he was upset about comments Rivera made about Lewis not living in the city limits, and then said he knew where Rivera lived.

After homeless committee meeting member Ron Cuff asked Rivera to attend the meeting as his substitute, Lewis and Paso Robles Director of Community Services Angelica Fortin said that Rivera was not permitted to serve as a replacement for Cuff, because he was not aware of past actions.

The 70-year-old Rivera then decided to attend the public meeting to keep notes for Cuff, and not to participate.

“When I arrived, Ms Fortin said as I entered the room, ‘Mr. Rivera what are you doing here, your not supposed to be here,’ or something to that effect,” Rivera told CalCoastNews. “I was of course surprised and made it clear to Ms Fortin that this was a public meeting in a public building and I had every right to be there.”

Lewis then allegedly approached Rivera and asked him why he was there.

“I said it was a public meeting in a public building and I had every right to be there,” Rivera told CalCoastNews. “He then grabbed me by the shoulder and continued squeezing my shoulder very hard after which he let go and slapped me very aggressively on the shoulder.”

Following the altercation, as Lewis walked away, he allegedly said, “I don’t appreciate you spreading rumors about me not living in the city.”

Rivera reported the alleged assault to the Paso Robles Police Department, which asked the SLO County Sheriff’s Office to investigate to avoid a conflict of interest.

Lewis has not responded to questions about the alleged assault.


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It is expected, but disappointing nonetheless that the comments don’t highlight the actual issue here. It is NEVER okay to touch and verbally threaten someone. Period. Be a bully or hothead, politics is riddled with people like that, but keep your hands to yourself and think before you speak. The basics just might save you.

You are presuming Michael is telling the truth. Check out his track record. Problems seem to follow Michael and anyone can make a false claim. Let’s see what the 30 people in the room have to say then pass judgement.

You raise a good point and one that also needs to be highlighted – false claims seem rampant and take away from people who are truly victimized by others. I hope that whatever the truth is, it comes out and brings awareness to both important topics.

I agree. I think if he is going around making false claims he should be held accountable.

Does Rivera want some cheese with that whine?

did You touch someone in a manner that constitutes battery that any Police officer would beat the living hell out of someone if they did? Yes. Does Handsy Ty make almost a quarter of a million with no Academics to justify it annually? yes. Is Paso a swamp of pretend liberals, conservatives, and asshole Rich folks and racism and Drugs? Yes. Did our new crappy Mayor Harmon a conservative vote for paid parking and expansion of the city beyond it’s means to make developers happy and provide cheap labor that helps no one but Richie’s, Yes. Should Paso be under the Sherriffs and federal audit, Yes. It’s known, the local Sherriff dept dislikes local PD for a good reason. First hand here.

City managers, unlike electeds, are just employees and can live where ever they want.

But an argument can be made that it’s up for scrutiny why would you want to be the top manager for a city but not want to live there?

Ty lives in Paso Robles.

Sounds like an otherwise very dull meeting. I guess Paso’s going Los Osos/Oceano on us. Going to have to need cops there, or now County Sheriff’s deputies given conflict of interest, to officiate the WWF factor.

So does Lewis live inside the City Limits? And… does it matter?

Because unless there are witnesses, this a ” he said…she said” case that can’t be proven.

Same thing happens all the time, he said she said, with police, but clearly weight , even if not earned, is given depending on the people.

Well, does the city manager live in the city? Just wondering…and is there some policy regarding that? Maybe it doesn’t matter?

If not they should

He lives in Paso Robles.

Turn in your man card Mr. Rivera.