Paso Robles man sentenced to six years for guns, drugs, child endangerment

November 2, 2023


A judge sentenced a Paso Robles man to six years in prison for firearm, drug and child endangerment offenses. 

On May 10, 2022, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Gang Task Force launched an investigation into Todd Edward Iliff, 50, over the sale of controlled substances while armed with a firearm. Ten days later, detectives obtained a search warrant for Iliff’s homes and vehicles, according to the sheriff’s office.

Members of the Gang Task Force then tried to stop the vehicle Iliff was driving on Appaloosa Drive in Paso Robles. Iliff did not stop until he parked outside a residence in the 500 block of Sacagawea Court in Paso Robles, where he had been staying with a woman and her three children, then ages 11, 2 and 10 months.

Investigators searched the home, as well as another residence in the 2900 block of Ardmore Road in Paso Robles. They found a large quantity of psilocybin mushrooms — about 1.8 pounds — in an unsecured cabinet in the kitchen. Investigators also found a loaded handgun on the floor of a bedroom and confiscated an AK-47; other handguns and rifles; and ammunition.

Authorities arrested Iliff for willful cruelty to a child with the possibility of injury or death, possession of a controlled substance for sale, committing a felony while armed and possession of a controlled substance for sale while armed. 

Prosecutors charged Iliff with 15 criminal counts. Last month, he pleaded no contest to charges of possession of a firearm near a school, possession of a controlled substance for sale and keeping a child under circumstances likely to produce great bodily injury or death. Iliff was also convicted of an enhancement for selling drugs while in possession of a firearm. Prosecutors dropped the other charges.

On Thursday, a judge sentenced Iliff to six years in prison. Iliff has remained in San Luis Obispo County Jail since his May 20, 2022 arrest.

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Drug dealers deserve no mercy. Gun law violating, child endangering drug dealers deserve the most severe sentences possible. A six-year prison sentence illustrates that our society is not at all serious about illegal drugs or firearms. What a joke.

Looks like the contents of the majority of central coast homes to me.

If all this looks weird to you, you must be a transplant. Go home. This is America. What people have in their homes is none of the State’s business. If you have a problem with that, read the 4th Amendment again. Hint, it’s in the Bill of Rights.

Just another of those righteous second amendment upholders exercising his rights! What’s the big whoop? Not as if any of those kids actually picked up one of those all-American symbols of freedom off the bedroom floor and blew a sibling away. Shouldn’t all real American homes be as well “prepared” as he was?

I bet a lot of you he-men can name every piece of real man equipment in his arsenal. I am so often reminded what experts you are. How fun to have a picture so you can play “name that killing tool”.

Sure, I can name them all. After all, I really am a firearms expert. There’s hardly a shoulder fired, or hand held firearm on this planet I’ve not handled, fired, taken apart, inspected, and written a report about. This includes all manner of artillery and tank turret armament. 26 years of Army Ordnance training, instructing, and foreign weapons investigations, leaves me with a rather focused intelligence about “real man equipment”.

That aside, he’s a bad guy. Bad guys use any means available to conduct the bad guy things they do. No matter the laws broken. No matter the deadly consequence. No matter the pain, shame, and humiliation heaped upon their family and friends.

In contrast to law abiding people….who simply don’t. There are a LOT more law abiding good guys and gals, than bad guys.

There is NOTHING in the US Constitution, nor especially the Bill of Rights, that allows or forgives criminal activity.