Adam Schiff claims primary residences in Maryland and California

November 2, 2023

Adam Schiff


California Congressman Adam Schiff, who is currently running for a United States Senate seat, has claimed a home he owns in Maryland as his primary residence for more than a decade, mortgage records show. [CNN]

Schiff, who represents a Los Angeles area district, has also claimed a condo he owns in Burbank to be his primary residence. The Democratic representative has signed documents asserting both his Maryland and Burbank homes as his primary residence.

A review of comments and photos on social media, as well as records, indicates Schiff makes his full-time home in Maryland. The condo is only 650 square feet, compared to the 3,420-square-foot Maryland home. 

Deed records show Schiff designated the Maryland home as his primary residence in 2003. In 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, Schiff refinanced his mortgage and again indicated the Maryland home was his primary residence.

Los Angeles County deed records for Schiff’s Burbank condo were notarized in Maryland. The records also list Schiff’s Maryland home as an address the documents were being returned to. 

Tax records indicate Schiff paid California property taxes in 2017 with a check featuring his Maryland address. 2017 was the only year he paid his California property taxes with a personal check.

For years, Schiff has taken a homeowner’s tax exemption on his Burbank condo, claiming it as his primary residence for a $7,000 reduction in his tax bill. Schiff did not take an exemption on his Maryland home.

Marisol Samayoa, a spokesperson for Schiff’s campaign, said the congressman’s primary residence is in California. 

“Adam’s primary residence is Burbank, California, and will remain so when he wins the Senate seat,” Samayoa stated in an email to CNN. “As Adam has discussed openly many times over the years, including in his recent New York Times best-selling book, he and Eve made the difficult decision to move their family to the D.C. area to spend more time with his children while doing his job.”

Samayoa said both of Schiff’s properties were claimed as primary residences for loan purposes. 

“Adam’s California and Maryland addresses have been listed as primary residences for loan purposes because they are both occupied throughout the year and to distinguish them from a vacation property,” Samayoa wrote. 

Last month, Gov. Gavin Nesom appointed Sen. Laphonza Butler to fill the seat left vacant by the death of Dianne Feinstein. Butler was also living in Maryland when Newsom appointed her. She then re-registered to vote in California.

Schiff is running the Democratic primary for the Senate seat currently occupied by Butler. Other challengers in the race include congresswomen Barbara Lee and Katie Porter. 

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