PG&E raises rates in January

January 12, 2024


When you open your PG&E bills in January, ready yourself for an unpleasant surprise. PG&E electric rates are slated to increase by $32 a month, for an medium use household.

As part of the company’s plan to improve their equipment and prevent wildfires, it is working to build a more reliable and resilient energy system. PG&E is planning to place more lines underground, which helps prevent fires and reduces maintenance costs.

The company plans to reduce wildfire risk from PG&E equipment by 94%.

In addition, PG&E plans “to invest in more innovative solutions to prepare the grid for new technologies that will make energy service more reliable for everyone, while supporting a future with more electric vehicles and battery storage.”


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What they don’t talk about is the huge liability and insurance costs for operating an aged nuclear power plant that is based on technology from half a century ago.