Pismo Beach to install 210 new downtown parking meters

February 22, 2024


The city of Pismo Beach will soon install 210 new downtown parking meters along Price Street.

On Jan. 17, the Pismo Beach City Council adopted a resolution authorizing the purchase of 210 parking meters and associated equipment from IPS Group. Then on Tuesday, the council approved the purchase of the meters and equipment from the supplier, along with installation, for a total of $288,646.

At least initially, paid parking in the area is only expected to be in effect on weekends. The council has directed that drivers only be required to feed the meters Friday evening through Sunday evening, so as not to impede business during the week, according to a Pismo Beach city staff report. 

The meters will take coins, credit and debit cards, smart cards, tokens and phone payments. They will be the same type of meters currently installed elsewhere in the downtown area. 


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When will they put Turnstiles on the Pier?

The city doesn’t want to impede business on the weekdays but it doesn’t mind impeding business on the weekends. This makes no sense unless you’re pitting visitors against local residents. Oh that’s a good sell. Makes us residents feel so good that we have a privilege others don’t. Pismo has a finite amount of parking and charging drivers won’t change that. Politicians and their city managers can’t resist a money grab to feather their bed. Vote the bums out!

Makes me wonder when they’ll eventually put meters on the lot next to Sea Venture.

Welcome to Atascadero – where the parking is free and the city government is sane!

What all this means, is the current parking lot on PCH/Dolliver, will be plowed up, and a new motel/hotel will be built. As soon as it is, those parking meters will be 24/7/365, and triple the rates……..just like SLO.

I wonder if the property owners can put parking meters on there private driveway? They can call it tax mitigation.

Pismo residents remember this at election time. Your council voted the city management salary not even considering you the rate payer…Remember!!!

With the $450,000+ compensation for the new city manager along with the bloated administration any surprise they are looking for more revenue, they never see its not a revenue problem its an expenditure problem

“At least initially, paid parking in the area is only expected to be in effect on weekends.” <– It always begins this way. Within a few years it will be 24/7 and triple the cost.

And really drive away us Locals from even thinking the cost of a dinner in Pismo.

Stupid government at its finest.