Cayucos pier damaged but will partially reopen

February 22, 2024


A storm this week swept pilings from the Cayucos Pier into the ocean, leaving the end of the structure teetering over the water. Nevertheless, the majority of the pier will soon reopen.

Officials closed access to the pier as a precautionary measure due to high surf surge and the presence of significant debris in the water and on the beach, according to San Luis Obispo County. Video footage showed pilings from the end of the pier floating in the water near the shore.

An engineer inspected the pier on Wednesday. The engineer found damage to the end of the pier requires repairs before that section can be open to the public, county officials say.

The inspection, though, found the majority of the pier is safe to use. The safe portion of the pier will reopen as soon as crews erect fencing that blocks access to the damaged area. 

Engineers will conduct further inspections of the damaged part of the pier and make plans for repairs.



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