SLO County supervisor candidate Susan Funk tied to misleading mailer

February 11, 2024


San Luis Obispo County District 5 Supervisor Debbie Arnold has accused Susan Funk’s campaign of trying to influence the vote by sending out misleading mailers in an attempt to give the false impression Arnold endorses Funk.

Last week, Funk’s campaign sent out postcards titled “Susan Funk for County Supervisor.” On the back is a hand written note asking the recipient to vote for Funk, from “Debbie.”

“As an Atascadero council member and business owner, she makes sure local government serves the people, not special interest like big developers,” the postcard says. “Thank you, Debbie.”

During the Dave Congalton radio show on Friday, Congalton asked Funk about the alleged deceptive post cards. Funk said a volunteer named Debbie wrote out the postcard, though she refused to give the volunteer’s last name, saying it started with “R.”

“Her last name starts with R,” Funk said. “I don’t want to put it out on air to cause any type of hostile action.”

On her website, Funk lists the names of 36 public officials and 190 community members and business owners who endorse her campaign, using both their first and last names. The list does not include a Debbie with a last name beginning with R.

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Lots of Debbies in the 5th District. Plenty of Karens as well, judging by the response to the mailer.

Karen who?

Fact checking has become a way of life and some will take the chance that we are too lazy and will just accept hate mail as the truth. As for facts, check on the statement that Susan Funk is leading in Santa Barbara County contributors. Please prove me wrong. We who live in the 5th district or in SLO County should know why outside money best serves our local concerns? I have listened to both candidates speak to the 5th district supervisor job and both say they support Proposition 13. That said, they do have a very different take on tax increases, Susan Funk supports a simple majority, 55% and Heather Moreno supports a Two-Thirds 66% Voter Approval for new taxes. I certainly hear Heather Moreno best representing her support for Prop 13 and I question Susan Funk’s understanding of what she is claiming. I would like to retire here knowing that tax increase are somewhat partisan resistant.