Two men arrested over crash that killed scooter driver in Santa Barbara

February 26, 2024


Police arrested two men over an alleged hit-and-run in which a vehicle struck and killed a motor scooter driver in Santa Barbara over the weekend. [KSBY]

Shortly before 2 a.m. on Saturday, the driver of a vehicle crashed at the intersection of E. Cota and Santa Barbara streets and allegedly fled the scene. Officers arrived and found a motor scooter driver lying on the road. Responders attempted life-saving measures, but the victim died at the scene of the crash.

Following extensive detective work, Santa Barbara officers arrested two suspects Saturday evening. Police arrestedSalvador Jimenez, 34, for felony hit-and-run and driving on a suspended license. Officers arrested Estefani Nava Guerrero, 26, for being an accessory to a felony and destruction of evidence.

Authorities booked Jimenez and Guerrero in jail with their bail set at $500,000 and $20,000 respectively.

Investigators interviewed a third person in the case. Police released the individual, but they could still request that the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office file charges against the person.

An investigation into the crash is ongoing. Police ask that anyone who has information about the incident contact Traffic Investigator Edward Kasper at (805) 897-3719.

Officials have yet to release the name of the scooter driver who died. 


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They need to throw the book at this Salvador Jimenez and his co conspirator then drive them as far back across the border as possible. My mother was hit by a POS illegal driving his sisters car without a license. They had the crappiest insurance immaginable and ended up costing us money and having the car out of commission for almost 3 months. Thank goodness my mother was not injured. Of coarse the police didn’t do jack shit to Jose over this. Didn’t even seem to care that he was driving without a license.