Driver slams into electrical box in SLO, knocking out power

March 25, 2024


A driver lost control while going through a roundabout in San Luis Obispo on Sunday afternoon and slammed into an electrical box, knocking out power in the San Luis Ranch area.

The driver of a black two-door convertible failed to navigate a turn at the roundabout and collided with an electrical box by the intersection of Froom Ranch Way and San Luis Ranch Road, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department. The person emerged from the crash uninjured.

Police say the damage to the electrical box was significant. PG&E personnel worked to restore power to the neighborhood.

Neither drugs, nor alcohol factored into the collision, investigators said.

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Speed limit around the roundabout is 15 mph. You don’t knock over that electrical box going 15 mph lol.

Roundabouts safer??

Yes. Roundabouts are safer.

If this was a hooning/drifting situation, the driver pressed their luck and got what they bargained for; A lesson in physics with a mid-engined sports car. They were going to learn this lesson somewhere, regardless.

If they saw no roadsigns and didn’t know there was an intersection, then this result is less deadly than T-boning another car. If a car is stopped at a light or stop sign and gets rear-ended, it usually results in greater injuries. Roundabouts keep traffic moving…less likely to have cars stopped…which makes things safer.

As a bonus, very little stopping is more fuel efficient, keeps traffic flowing, is cheaper to install than traffic lights.

Typical roundabout propaganda. Just looking at last claim — they’re cheaper than traffic lights. Not. The Orcutt/Tank Farm jobbie cost $5 mil. That’s not cheaper than anything! And they eat up land like old-fashioned clover leafs, a crime against mother earth and future generations who might need to grow food there. Roundabouts can be very unsafe, especially for pedestrians who must deal with vehicles that never come to a stop.