SLO County supervisors argue over Diablo Canyon extension

March 28, 2024


San Luis Obispo County supervisors voted 3-2 on Tuesday for a resolution that supports a 20-year extension of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant following a heated discussion in which supervisors Bruce Gibson and Dawn Ortiz-Legg took shots at one another.

After agreeing to shut down the nuclear power plant in 2025, PG&E received backing from both federal and state officials earlier this year to extend the operating life of Diablo Canyon through 2030, with a goal of providing Californians electric reliability. The nuclear plant provides nearly 10 percent of California’s electric power.

Ortiz-Legg, who used to work for PG&E, recently proposed the resolution seeking a 20-year extension, noting she believes in climate change and supports clean energy.

“I didn’t say it, the Biden administration said it, ‘It is clean energy,’ ” Ortiz-Legg said.”We must recognize our energy goals by supporting 20 more years.”

While Gibson said he supported keeping the plant open until 2025, he called Ortiz-Legg’s resolution premature, saying, “timing matters.” He said he had serious concerns with safety and financing.

“It is premature and disrespectful of so may people who have put a lot of work into it,” Gibson said. “PG&E is interested in a 20-year extension. That is a change to that deal.”

Ortiz-Legg shot down Gibson’s allegation, saying PG&E’s application to the Nuclear regulatory Commission requires a 20-year request.

“Don’t make up things in regards to a story,” Ortiz-Legg said.

“I’m not,” Bruce snapped. “Supervisor, you are not going to provoke me into a heated debate.”

Bruce said a 20-year extension puts into risk the current five-year deal and funds for the county.

“Those sounds like threats,” Ortiz-Legg responded. “We are not trying to do something that is not part of the law. This is not doing anybody a favor. To try to make it look like someone is trying to pull something is very disappointing.”

Supervisor Jimmy Paulding said he supported the five-year extension and would likely support a 20-year extension, but needed a cost benefit analysis first. He then said he planned to make a modified motion.

The board then voted 3-2 in support of the Ortiz-Legg’s resolution, with Gibson and Paulding dissenting.


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Dawn Legg growing a couple (pun intended) of legs. thanks Dawn; looking forward to more stand-ups from you.

“It’s clean energy,” Ortiz-Legg said. “When we’re trying to combat carbon, we have to look at everything we have — and we have a plant that has been operating safely, cleanly.” ——-MALARKY, BS and crazy…Radioactive material is some of the most dirty longlasting compounds evah known. Why do you keep saying this? This is foul, and folks need to stop saying “Green and clean”…

The Real Estate Developer Vultures have been waiting in line for Diablo prperty to be subdivided into parcels- ink dried on the future maps years ago, and palms greased to move it forward

A concern is my kw usage hasn’t changed much, in fact at times gone down, over the last few years but my bill has tripled, PG&E does have some explaining to do.

Don’t expect PG&E to explain anything. Do expect your bill to keep rising pretty much forever, particularly to pay for upkeep on aging nuclear reactors.

Kudos to Dawn Ortiz-Legg for speaaking truth to power, no pun intended.

Diablo Canyon produces clean, green energy, and the high wage jobs to working families are a Central Coast bonus. By idealogically rejecting nuclear energy, the far left encourages brown outs, high utility bills and a reduced economic future for our state.

It’s an easy vote, Mr. Gibson, get with the times.

Nope. Wrong. Radiation…look into it. No solution for storage of any kind. Why do folks keep saying “Green and Clean” . You are shills

Jim Paulding continues to be a fine leader and a great example to other board members. For those who would like a more nuanced look at Mr. Paulding’s views and the reasoning behind his votes, would do well to subscribe to his newsletter. I challenge anyone to name a better communicator who has served on the board. Check out the newsletter. Find out why so many people support Mr. Paulding and find him a breath of fresh air among politicians. Learn the truth.

Hilarious. Gibson arguing that 20 years is too long of a commitment. Wait a minute–hasn’t Gibson been on BOS for….almost 20 years?

Nothing steams Bruce more than a woman who sees his intimidation tactics for what they are: misogyny Thank you DOL for standing up to the county bully. And Paulding demonstrates yet again his need to say something and never it means nothing.

Now that Adam is gone, Jimmy seems lost.

Paulding was elected supervisor in June 2022. Adam Hill died in 2020. So not sure what you are talking about. Maybe you think Gibson is lost, which is highly probable.

Paulding will just ask Gibson how he wants him to vote.

Not at all. Jim Paulding continues to be the most prepared, thoughtful, respectful and independent member of the board. And he continues to have great support throughout his district. More power to him!

LOL. He is a hack who loves his own voice and hand gestures. He is Gibson-lite.

Having a commanding voice and effective hand gestures are tools that good leaders use to inform and lead people in the right direction. Jim Paulding is easily the most independent and qualified member of the board. His constituents love him, and he is certain to be on the board as long as he chooses. He is that popular among voters. We should not be surprised if he is recruited for higher office, and should appreciate him while he is here and easily available to communicate with.