UPS truck crashes on Highway 101 off-ramp in SLO

March 5, 2024


A UPS driver failed to negotiate a turn while exiting Highway 101 near downtown San Luis Obispo, crashing and overturning his truck on Monday evening. 

The UPS truck overturned on the northbound Highway 101 off-ramp at Marsh Street. It was found lying on its side on the off-ramp at about 5:30 p.m.

Emergency personnel appeared to give the truck driver treatment at the scene. The driver emerged from the crash with a limp, though he did not seem to have suffered serious injuries.

CHP officers were investigating the crash. Medics and San Luis Obispo firefighters also came out to the scene. 


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I see the UPS trucks speeding all over town, so it’s hardly suprising to see that a UPS truck was involved in a crash here on the Central Coast.

Putting profits before people never works, slow down UPS.

That off ramp sneaks up on you quickly, several years ago a water truck flopped over right there.

Crap… so that’s where my new blender is….