Driver who struck and killed SLO couple sentenced to prison

April 9, 2024

Jennifer Besser and Matthew Chachere


The 24-year-old man who struck and killed a San Luis Obispo couple while speeding on Sacramento Drive last fall was sentenced Tuesday to five years and four month in prison. He pleaded guilty earlier this year to two counts of felony gross vehicular manslaughter.

Daniel Saligan Patricio

On the evening of Nov. 21, 2022, Daniel Saligan Patricio was speeding at an estimated 61 mph on Sacramento Drive in San Luis Obispo as he approached a nearly 90-degree turn, with a speed limit of 20 mph.

Saligan Patricio struck a curb, a street sign, the abutment of a bridge and pedestrians Matthew Ernest Chachere, and Jennifer Ann Besser, who were walking their dog, Buddy.

Chachere, Besser and Buddy were killed.

During the sentencing hearing, family members describing the couple as kind, thoughtful, and having a strong love for life and one another.

Before imposing the five year four month sentence, Superior Court Judge Michael Frye balanced the aggravated circumstances of the collision with Saligan Patricio’s lack of criminal history and acceptance of responsibility before a trial.


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Recall Superior Court Judge Michael Frye.

I bet Judge Frye would view this defendant differently if it was his kin who were killed.

May God Bless Mathew and Jennifer.

Accepted responsibility only after tracked down and caught by police. Didn’t check on the people he hit, immediately fled the scene. The sentence was way too light. Hope to see someone run against this judge.

It’s amazing not that long ago, a girl was sentenced to 7 years for killing a Cal Poly student. This guy is really getting off the hook for what he did. And yes, I agree that he knew what he did. Seems like San Luis is more concerned about guys spinning donuts around the city then dealing with real life changing idiot stunts like this guy did. What’s next? In general, what a joke.