San Luis Obispo County appoints new new human resources director

April 9, 2024

Jamie Russell


The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to appoint current Deputy Human Resources Director Jamie Russell to head the department.

Russell replaces Human Resources Director Tami Douglas-Schatz, who is leaving the county after 15 years to take a director position with Riverside County. Her last day is April 19.

The county’s salary range for Human Resources Director is from $169,956 to $216,923 per year. The board approved a starting salary for Russell of approximately $206,585 per year with another $120,999 in benefits, for a yearly total of $337,584.

Russell relocated to San Luis Obispo County in 2013 and began working for the  San Luis Obispo County Human Resources Department. She started as an analyst and progressed through various roles.

“I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Tami for the past 11 years.  She has been an incredible leader, visionary, mentor, and boss,” Russell said. “Riverside County is so lucky to have her join their team. I am honored and excited to continue to serve the County of San Luis Obispo and its employees in this new role.”


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With a paycheck like that I’d be grinning like mad too.

$337 K salary seems whole lot too much. County bureaucracy compensation is out of control.

Jamie Russell is an excellent choice for this position. Level headed, smart, fair. Best wishes Jamie!

The Paso mob will be sniffing up her butt to see where she leans politically. If she doesn’t align with them-they will chase her out of office.

Speaking of the Paso mob-when are they going to start barking about election fraud for the supervisorial race where Moreno won? They have been whining since Jones lost to Gibson. But have been quiet recently.

Could you possibly be any more disingenuous in your serial barking about a legitimate challenge to a very close (13 vote) supervisorial race? Dr. Jones trailed Bruce Gibson by just .06% in the 2nd District Supervisor race of November 2022. Repeated caterwauling about an illogical & unwarranted challenge to a clear and decisive victory (2161 votes, or 12.76%) by Heather Moreno over Susan Funk speaks volumes about your tedious vitriol and partisan derangement.

The increased parking fees in parts of the county seem to be going towards typical government spending.

“for a yearly total of $337,584”, clearly the board has no intention to reign in these outrageous compensations. A need to raise taxes and fees in just around the corner.

Start with the review of that really thick file on one of our county supervisors. Haha

How can we afford these salaries?

We can’t, and that is the reason everything in California is out of whack. These salary decisions are made at the Supervisor level which is why those positions are so important.

Please remember this outrageous salary and $10,000 a MONTH in benefits when the county holds an election this fall for yet another sales tax increase, this one allegedly for road maintenance. What a racket.