Plane crashes in Paso Robles, 3 people injured

April 20, 2024


A small plane crashed off the runway at the Paso Robles Municipal Airport on Friday, injuring three people.

Shortly before noon, firefighters arrived at the airport to find an aircraft flipped on its roof about 300 feet off the runway. There were three people trapped in the plane.

Firefighters helped the people out of the plane while fuel leaked from both wings.

First responders treated two people at the scene and transported one person to a hospital in stable condition.

The scene was turned over to the National Transportation Safety Board for further investigation.


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As Kelsey of 74gear says:

“Keep the blue side up.”

Glad everyone survived.

A successful landing is one you walk away from, 2 walked 1 carried to the hospital. 66 percent success 33 percent failure. How do I know it was a landing and not a take off because I don’t have any quotes about takeoff.