Arroyo Grande man crashes into trash truck, arrested for drugs

June 21, 2024


A 34-year-old man crashed into a trash truck on Farroll Avenue in Arroyo Grande on Wednesday. He was subsequently arrested for drugs.

Shortly after 9 a.m., a caller reported a reckless driver in the area of Farroll Avenue and Oak Park Boulevard, police said. Officers arrived to find car had collided with an occupied trash collection truck.

The driver, Robert Meserve, appeared impaired leading officers to conduct sobriety tests. During a search of Meserve’s vehicle, officers found methamphetamine.

Officers arrested Meserve and booked him in San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of driving under the influence, drug possession and possession of paraphernalia


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I suppose we should thank this 34-year-old loser, Bobby Meserve, for colliding into a garbage truck instead of injuring or killing some innocent Five City residents. Incarceration for drugs & alcohol needs to be long enough to ensure the user/culprit wants to only get high from life, exercise, creative pursuits and learning.

He was already getting high so what are you talking about?