Assailant targets homeless people in Paso Robles

June 25, 2024

Area near the ECHO shelter in Paso Robles


An assailant yelling he hates homeless people while accusing them of being thieves, violently beat four people near the ECHO shelter in Paso Robles on Saturday evening.

Shortly before midnight, the light-skin Hispanic man went into the ampm near the intersection of Highway 101 and Highway 46. Inside the store, the man argued with a homeless customer.

He then got in his car and drove down Black Oak Drive towards the shelter where he spotted two men sitting on a wall, witnesses said. He got out of his car and repeatedly punched Anthony, who did not want to give his last name.

Anthony, who has little memory of the assault, woke up in a hospital, he said.

Two days after the assault, Anthony held onto his trailer to keep his balance as he tried to remember what happened. His eyes are swollen nearly shut, he has stitches across a cheek and down his nose, along with a large swollen bruise on his chin.

About 50-feet away, Joe and his wife watched the attack. The assailant then got in his car and drove over to where Joe was standing. The man choked Joe before punching him in the face, leaving Joe with a black eye.

The assailant then punched Joe’s wife, a disabled woman who wants to remain anonymous. After the assailant knocked the woman unconscious, he hit her several more times. She currently sports a scab on her nose and a bruise on her chin.

The man then drove to the Smart & Final, where he assaulted a fourth homeless victim.

The assailant remains at large. Paso Robles police are investigating the series of targeted assaults.


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He belongs in prison. With all the cameras everywhere, there’s no excuse for the Paso PD not to find and charge him.

None of the cameras along Black Oak drive are working. They were put in with the hopes they would keep people from loitering. Since there installation several robberies have happened in that area. The local bussinesses are asked for their footage and are told by the police the cameras on the streets don’t monitor or save video footage. The city also pays for a security company to monitor the area. All that company does is drive around and scans their badge at several clock in stations along Black Oak drive. That’s all they do. I have watch them drive right by people smoking crack and nothing is done. I was told directly by a homeless gentleman that was attacked in this incident that the police pulled up and they were told who the attacker was and the car he was in. The victim stated the police said “we’ll get units on him” and they let him drive right off. This man literally came through and attacked anyone who was out there. I was told it was a later model Grey sedan, camery or corolla. The victim said he was a Hispanic man that looked to be in his mind 30’s. Nothing will come out of this because nobody cares about this demographic of people. The animal shelter treats dogs better than Echo and Haslo are caring for these individuals.

Pretty vile behavior, hope they catch this guy.

This guy might need some therapy. Hope they catch him before more people get hurt. So sad how so many people are coming unhinged from reality. Considering how close so many people are to being homeless, seems an odd target of the guys rage.

The perp looks homeless as well. Weird.