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Dan Carpenter

Homeless issues plague San Luis Obispo

OPINION BY COUNCILMAN DAN CARPENTER Now in the seventh year of SLO County’s “10 year plan to end homelessness,” it can hardly be labeled as successful with more homeless residents in our community than ever before. The continuum care approach of addressing homelessness promotes a linear model that suggests housing is the end result of […]... (Continue Reading)

San Luis Obispo residents facing tax fatigue

OPINION By SLO COUNCILMAN DAN CARPENTER On Nov. 4, San Luis Obispo voters will be voting on three local tax/bond measures. A new ½ percent city sales tax (Measure G), a $177 million San Luis Coastal Unified School District bond, and a $275 million Cuesta College bond. No sooner than the economy starts to recover […]... (Continue Reading)

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Measure G is not an extension of Measure Y

OPINION By SLO COUNCILMAN DAN CARPENTER On July 15, my colleagues on the San Luis Obispo City Council voted without my support to put Measure G – the half cent additional sales tax – on the November ballot. During the entire time leading up to the final vote, it was presented by staff and supported […]... (Continue Reading)

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Traditional homeless shelter vs. permanent housing

OPINION By SLO COUNCILMAN DAN CARPENTER Two overriding concerns are prevalent when addressing the homeless situation in San Luis Obispo. How do we maintain the health and safety of our businesses and residents while at the same time providing a dignified path of self-sufficiency for our less fortunate citizens? The majority of my colleagues on […]... (Continue Reading)

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Prohibition ended over 80 years ago

OPINION By SLO COUNCILMAN DAN CARPENTER Madam Mayor and Mr. Vice-President – Prohibition ended over 80 years ago. The Mayor along with Cal Poly vice-president of student affairs have asked bars to stop opening early on commencement day. This is the mayor’s request, not the city’s and certainly not mine. Our “leaders” should stop interfering […]... (Continue Reading)

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