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Feds pouring money into California Homeland Security

Amid the slashing of state and school budgets, the federal government is pouring Homeland Security dollars into California at record rates. [SFGate] In 2010, California received $268 million worth of security spending, about 16 percent of the nearly $1.7 billion... (Continue reading)

Hey, when I said tax the rich, I didn’t mean the rest of us

OPINION by ROGER FREBERG When you look around the state to see if anyone, anywhere is doing anything to save our counties and cities; you really don’t see a captain at the helm trying to avoid those big icebergs. I... (Continue reading)

Arroyo Grande gets new elevator, non-profits get the shaft

Arroyo Grande city officials are looking to take monies granted to local non-profits to cover the cities miscalculations for the cost of placing an elevator in the cities new city hall building. City officials, utilizing estimates provided by the city engineer... (Continue reading)

State lawmakers want to keep their cars (the ones you pay for)

California remains the only state in the nation to provide vehicles to its rank-and-file lawmakers for unlimited use and it’s a policy not likely to change in the near future. [AP] The state purchases cars for lawmakers like Sam Blakeslee... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo parking fines increased

In San Luis Obispo the cost of a parking ticket will now cost violators $33 instead of $30. As part of its new budget, the state has tacked on a $3 charge to all parking tickets. The San Luis Obispo... (Continue reading)

Adult students to protest at Cal Poly Tuesday

Cal Poly students enrolled in a special, and apparently cost-beneficial, Cal Poly adult education degree program are set to protest Tuesday afternoon. Dozens of students from the school’s Adult Degree Program (ADP) are gathering outside the Administration Building between 4:30... (Continue reading)

Managers earning more during state furloughs

A review of public records is showing that hundreds of state managers and other high-ranking workers brought home more money home than usual during some weeks, thanks to a little-known federal law. [California Watch] During furlough weeks between February 2009... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo County public defender’s office runs out of money

The San Luis Obispo County public defender’s budget is about $500,000 in the red and the Board of Supervisors is being asked to intervene. (Tribune] According to a staff report, there is only $50 left in the public defender’s $5... (Continue reading)

California freeing violent inmates

In an attempt to save money, the state of California is releasing prisoners early, including some who were convicted of assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence, and attacks on children and the elderly. [Associated Press] The state’s early release... (Continue reading)

Legislature offers up $2 billion in budget cuts

State legislators, trying to deal with at least part of California’s $19.9 billion deficit, sent Gov. Schwarzenegger more than $2 billion in cuts. [San Jose Mercury News] At the top of the list: nearly $1 billion slashed from the state... (Continue reading)