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Gary Lee, king of Paso Robles’ porn world

By DANIEL BLACKBURN PART ONE: Naughty girls next door Gary Lee knows there are a lot of wild women in north San Luis Obispo County, and he’s got the pictures to prove it. Thousands of photographs. High-definition video. Many of... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo leads county in cost of government

By KAREN VELIE The city of SLO leads the pack in San Luis Obispo County with the highest rate of employees per population base with 103 residents per employee among cities with population more than 11,000. Since 2003, the city’s... (Continue reading)

Worker shortage threatens state crops

By DANIEL BLACKBURN A plaintive, years-long cry from California farmers worried about an adequate supply of harvest laborers now is being heard statewide as the prediction – often scorned by critics — begins to materialize. And while the looming shortage... (Continue reading)

The complexities of the budget

OPINION By Congresswoman Lois Capps - We have a big problem with our federal budget deficit. If not properly addressed, it threatens our long term economic future and could stunt our children’s future opportunities. We simply must address... (Continue reading)

What would you do for five bucks?

We thought we had seen just about everything in terms of social networking on the Internet. Then we stumbled across Fiverr. The new web site seems to offer up everything from the silly to the serious. The premise is ridiculously... (Continue reading)

Certainly not California

BY GREG KUDLICK It just amazes me that nobody in power, nobody in the “know,” actually understands what is going on. This is an enormous economic shift, one of the largest in our history, maybe the largest. I don’t say this... (Continue reading)