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Times: Prop 8 ruling “changes the debate over same-sex marriage forever”

Wednesday’s historic court ruling in San Francisco, striking down Proposition 8 and giving gays and lesbians the legal right to marry, prompted a newspaper editorial to suggest the decision “changes the debate over same-sex marriage forever.”[LA Times] “When the evidence... (Continue reading)

Prop. 8 repeal fails to qualify for ballot

A ballot initiative designed to repeal Proposition 8, the anti-gay marriage measure, has failed to qualify for the November election. [Los Angeles Times] The deadline was Monday and the all-volunteer campaign came up short on qualifying signatures–694,000 were required for... (Continue reading)

Bill allows churches to refuse to marry gays

A new bill is being introduced in Sacramento, protecting clergy and churches from legal consequences for refusing to perform same-sex marriages. [San Francisco Chronicle] Same-sex marriage is currently illegal in California, though that law is currently being challenged in court... (Continue reading)