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Online pornography by the numbers

New statistics are available about the explosion in online pornography and some people might be taken aback by the findings. [Online MBA] About 12 percent of all web sites (24,644,172) on the Internet are pornographic. Just under 30,000 users (28,258)... (Continue reading)

Digital strip-search: Case of lost iPhone prototype shows the danger of using search warrant to seize journalists’ information

By PETER SCHEER Search warrants have always been a blunt instrument for finding evidence of crime. Think of television cop shows from the 70s and 80s: A police search of an apartment for drugs was, de facto, a license to... (Continue reading)

Avila Beach web cam voyeurism

A couple of restaurants in Avila Beach thought it was a good way to promote themselves. They positioned a video camera outdoors last winter so website visitors could check out live action of the waves, the weather and maybe decide... (Continue reading)

Google Fiber rally planned for SLO

A rally to help make San Luis Obispo one of the test cities selected for the upcoming Google Fiber project is being held on Tuesday, March 16 at 5:30 p.m. in Mission Plaza. Google, the search engine giant, plans to... (Continue reading)

Facebook now second most-popular website

Facebook has surpassed Yahoo to become the second most popular web site in the U.S., according to Compete, a Web analytics firm. Only Google attracts more visitors. [Los Angeles Times] Facebook attracted nearly 134 million unique visitors just in January,... (Continue reading)

Committing Web 2.0 suicide

If your New Year’s resolution involves anything having to do with decreasing your presence on the Internet, you might want to check out the Web 2.0 Suicide Machine.  [Tech Crunch] This is not a joke. The Suicide Machine really does... (Continue reading)

13 hours a week now average for Net users

A new study shows that the average person is now spending around 13 hours a week on the Internet, including email. This week’s Harris Poll found that 80 percent of all Americans currently go online, either through work or the... (Continue reading)

Best man rigs newlyweds’ bed to tweet during sex

We’re sorry, but this is just too good not to share with you. This could be the best practical joke ever played on a newlywed couple. The Washington Post offers the deliciously wicked tale of the British best man who rigged... (Continue reading)

Newly Discovered: Internet Traffic School

BY DAVID CONGALTON As a confirmed agnostic, I’m not inclined to believe in a Higher Power, but, frankly, I don’t know how else to explain Internet Traffic School other than as proof of Divine Intervention. I mean, how cool is... (Continue reading)

Let’s do launch: A new approach to the old business of news

BY JEFF BLISS Is it tougher to be part of a big launch or to be there when an enterprise meets its end? That’s the question I find myself thinking about as this new “New Media” outlet bravely steps out into nothingness.... (Continue reading)