Online pornography by the numbers

June 3, 2010

New statistics are available about the explosion in online pornography and some people might be taken aback by the findings. [Online MBA]

About 12 percent of all web sites (24,644,172) on the Internet are pornographic.

Just under 30,000 users (28,258) are viewing Internet porn per second, spending $3,075.64 per second.

There are 40 million Americans who are now regular visitors to Internet porn sites. These American sites makes almost $3 billion annually. Worldwide, the figure zooms to $4.9 billion.

2.5 billion pornographic emails are sent daily. Meanwhile 25 percent of all daily search engine requests (68 million) involve pornography.

35 percent of all downloads are pornographic.

There are 110,000 computer searches for “child pornography” every day.

The average age in which a child first sees online pornography is 11.

20 percent of men admit to watching porn on their work computers.

Most popular day of the week to watch porn online is Sunday.

Least popular day of the year to watch porn online is Thanksgiving.

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Pretty sick I would say. And I bet most are getting paid while watching. This says a lot about liberal, progressive viewpoints that do not support hard work.