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Meta threatens to block news stories on Facebook over California bill

By JOSH FRIEDMAN The state Assembly on Thursday passed a bill that would require technology companies to pay media outlets for content they produce, despite tech giant Meta threatening to block news stories on Facebook in California. AB 886, dubbed... (Continue reading)

A rude Italian awakening for reporter Josh Friedman

By KAREN VELIE Some of the world’s most powerful people are attending the mysterious Bilderberg conference this week in Turin, Italy. The conference provides a secretive forum for about 120-140 world leaders in politics, finance, media and industry to discuss... (Continue reading)

Is journalism dead in SLO County?

Opinion by Dr. C. Hite I knew journalism was dead in SLO County the day the Tribune published a meandering feature story on the front page that morphed into speculation and innuendo. This was not news. There was a time... (Continue reading)

New Times publishers win $3.7 million abuse of power lawsuit

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors voted to pay Phoenix New Times publishers $3.7 million for politically motivated actions taken by county officials against the journalists. [] Last week’s settlements bring to at least $17 million the final taxpayer cost of... (Continue reading)

Obama’s hunt for leaks, sources worries reporters

An “open government” promised by President Obama not only has failed to materialize, a veteran Washington editor asserts, but has become instead one the of the most secretive and intrusive administrations in history. Leonard Downie, who spent 40 years at... (Continue reading)

Investigative journalist arrested in Greece

The Greek police arrested and then quickly released the owner of a respected investigative magazine on Sunday morning hours after he published a list of more than 2,000 suspected tax cheats who were said to have accounts at a bank... (Continue reading)

Cal Poly student battles state over 20 cents

An attempt by a reporter at Cal Poly’s Mustang Daily in San Luis Obispo to get a copy of an email from the California State University chancellor’s office was thwarted over 20 cents. [LATimes] Sean McMinn was working on a... (Continue reading)

New news chief named at Cal Poly

A two-year vacancy in the chair of Cal Poly’s journalism department has been filled with the hiring of Mary Glick. Glick is an “entrepreneurial journalist and educator,” according to a statement by Harvey Levenson, interim chair of the department. “The... (Continue reading)

Speak out, be shredded

Several familiar CalCoastNews readers were singled out for verbal assault in Thursday’s edition of New Times’ vapid version of what now passes for the “Shredder,” rejuvenating and intensifying the saga of Lisa Solomon-Chitty, Paso Robles’ erstwhile chief of police. The... (Continue reading)

Columbia Journalism Review features CCN

A respected national professional journalism publication has recognized CalCoastNews for its impressive entry into the electronic investigative news business. [Columbia Journalism Review] “The stories the site produces reverberate across the Central Coast,” wrote Chasen Marshall for Columbia Journalism Review’s “The... (Continue reading)