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San Luis Obispo employee accused of bilking city

A San Luis Obispo Public Works inspector is under investigation for misappropriating public property for his own profit. Sources claim Ron Faria, president of the San Luis Obispo City’s Employee Association, asked his supervisor if a mower that had been previously... (Continue reading)

ECOSLO official charged with embezzlement

The executive director of ECOSLO, a prominent Central Coast environmental group, is being charged with embezzlement. [New Times] Morgan Rafferty, who has served as executive director of ECOSLO since 2006, is alleged to have embezzled more than $33,000 as the... (Continue reading)

Wilcox to fight release of investigation report

Attorney David Warren announced he plans to apply for an order to block all or part of the investigative report that led supervisors to terminate Assistant Administrative Officer Gail Wilcox, according to County Counsel Warren Jensen. Findings from the investigation resulted... (Continue reading)