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Chinese immigrant gets posthumous California law license

The California Supreme Court posthumously granted a law license to a Chinese immigrant on Monday. [Mercury News] California denied Hong Yen Chang a license to practice law nearly 125 years ago. Chang graduated Columbia Law School and received a license... (Continue reading)

Stephen Glass found unfit to practice law in California

Former journalist Stephen Glass, who fabricated magazine articles for the New Republic and others in the 1990s, lost his bid to become a lawyer in California. [Washington Post] Less than a month after admitting an illegal immigrant to the California... (Continue reading)

California Supreme Court grants law license to illegal immigrant

The California Supreme Court unanimously agreed Thursday to allow an undocumented immigrant the right to practice law. [LA Times] Chico resident Sergio C. Garica, 36, passed the state bar four years ago but has yet to receive federal approval of... (Continue reading)

California Supreme Court to rule on law license for illegal immigrant

The California Supreme Court will rule Thursday whether a man living in the U.S. illegally can receive a license to practice law. Undocumented immigrant Sergio Garcia has graduated from law school and passed the state bar exam. Federal law, however,... (Continue reading)