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Safety violations at Diablo Canyon nuclear plant

On April 26, Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff did a safety inspection at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, as part of NRC inspections of all U.S. reactors that were triggered by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster in Japan. [NewYorkTimes]... (Continue reading)

NRC inspects Diablo Canyon nuclear plant

STATEMENT by VICTOR DRICKS Following the accident on March 11 at the Fukushima Diaichi Nuclear Site in Japan the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) decided to assess the capabilities of the nation’s 104 nuclear power plants to respond to severe... (Continue reading)

PG&E tries to relax nuclear safety fears

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. has succumbed to public anxiety following the Japanese nuclear disaster by asking the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to hold off on renewing its licenses of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant until it completes more advanced... (Continue reading)

Blakeslee and Rachel Maddow discuss Diablo

State Sen. Sam Blakeslee spoke out about his safety concerns at the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Thursday. In response to inquiries about the safety of the Diablo Canyon power plant, Blakeslee, a geophysicist with a... (Continue reading)

NRC: Diablo explosion was ‘catastrophic failure’

By KAREN VELIE A senior official of the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said today “an explosion” which occurred August 18 at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant was a life-threatening “catastrophic failure.” No radioactive leaks were reported, however, at the South County... (Continue reading)