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Picasso sells for (gulp) $106.5 million at auction

A 1932 portrait by Pablo Picasso, capturing his lover on canvas, has become the most expensive artwork ever sold at auction. [Los Angeles Times] The painting, “Nude, Green Leaves, and Bust” went for $106.5 million Tuesday night at Christie’s New... (Continue reading)

Gold for some: EFI trustees bill estate $4.5 million

By KAREN VELIE While most people touched by the Estate Financial Inc. (EFI) debacle have been monetarily devastated, a select few are in line to do quite well. Trustees and their special attorneys have collected, or are requesting, compensation of $4.5... (Continue reading)

DRUNK, BROKE: DUI rehab techniques questioned

PART TWO: Offending the offenders By DANIEL BLACKBURN If you’re one of the thousands of people arrested this year and charged with driving while intoxicated in San Luis Obispo County, be encouraged by the knowledge that the entire judicial system and a... (Continue reading)

Protect, Serve And Sell T-Shirts.

By KAREN VELIE and DANIEL BLACKBURN A San Luis Obispo police officer peddles custom imprinted T-shirts, sometimes while on duty, as a federal bankruptcy court considers his twin Chapter 7 petitions. Officer Christopher Charles Chitty apparently runs the cash business from the... (Continue reading)

Vendor lawyer Hall helps county official buy house

By DANIEL BLACKBURN and KAREN VELIE A top county official’s Arroyo Grande home was jointly purchased by her and the family trusts of local lawyer Clay Hall, whose firm receives hundreds of thousands of dollars annually as the vendor responsible for... (Continue reading)