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Community college changes on horizon

California’s public education system has been a world-class model of efficiency and affordability for five decades, but no longer. Gradual overloading and budget restraints have gutted the once-proud model, and that in turn is opening the door for enterprising private,... (Continue reading)

Home Depot stores profiting on veterans

Veterans, enticed by the promise of special discounts, load their carts at Home Depot stores only to discover the advertised discounts require a non-existent veterans’ service card. While a portion of veterans receive medical cards, the bulk are expected to utilize... (Continue reading)

A Facebook secret no more: public offering due

Start saving those pennies and get set to buy — in 2012 — a piece of the world’s biggest and trendiest social network, Facebook. The company is expected to shed a 10 percent interest to raise $10 billion — an... (Continue reading)

Winning lottery ticket creates havoc

Easy money has its price. It’s an old lesson being learned anew by employees at 1-Stop, the little corner convenience store in Paso Robles where Charles Hairston purchased his $78 million lottery ticket. The 82-year-old Korean War vet bought the golden ducat... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles man wins $78 million lottery

An 82-year-old Paso Robles man claimed the $78 million jackpot won with a ticket he purchased at the 1 Stop at 703 Spring Street in Paso Robles, lottery officials said in a statement. “Charles Hairston is a laid back kinda... (Continue reading)

$78 million lottery winner sold in Paso Robles

There was unbridled joy Wednesday at Paso Robles’ suddenly-most popular service station, 1-Stop Food and Convenience at 7th and Spring streets, as news of a $78 million lottery winner spread through the quiet downtown neighborhood. Although the big winner is... (Continue reading)

Local nurse is the overtime pay champ of California

A nurse at the California Men’s Colony (CMC) in San Luis Obispo earned $269,810 last year by tripling her regular pay with overtime hours. [Bloomberg] Jean Keller got more overtime in 2010 than any other state employee. In all, California’s... (Continue reading)

Feds explain medical marijuana crackdown

Federal prosecutors announced Friday that they’re using property seizures and criminal charges to crack down on California’s commercial medical marijuana dispensaries. The top U.S. prosecutors in California said their enforcement effort “is aimed at curtailing the large, for-profit marijuana industry... (Continue reading)

Google pays $10 million for Cal Poly startup

Google has purchased the California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo student startup Punchd, which started as a senior project, for $10 million, the founders of Punchd announced. Hatched by a pair of Cal Poly students, the company helps connect... (Continue reading)

Mind your own business

This is the first in series of articles about minding your business, whether your business is providing goods or services to others or even if your business is simply making sure that you and your family are keeping your head... (Continue reading)