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Vandenberg protester bucks Supreme Court, gets arrested

One week after the Supreme Court ruled that antiwar activist Dennis Apel could not protest along a stretch of Highway 1 that is located on the Vandenberg Air Force Base, Appel returned to the spot Wednesday and was arrested along... (Continue reading)

Keystone Pipeline protesters storm California Chevron facility

Police arrested more than 200 demonstrators Saturday who trespassed on Chevron Corporation property in Northern California to protest the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline. [Huffington Post] The protest marked the one-year anniversary of a Chevron refinery fire that generated a cloud... (Continue reading)

Mason detractors protest rehire of SLO firefighter

About 20 people protested the city of San Luis Obispo’s rehiring of embattled firefighter John Ryan Mason on Monday. Prior to a city council budgeting meeting Monday evening, protesters gathered outside City Hall holding signs criticizing SLO Fire Chief Charlie... (Continue reading)

Protest planned following firefighter’s rehiring

A group of San Luis Obispo residents are planning a peaceful protest on Monday afternoon to support Jory Brigham and to voice disapproval of the city’s controversial decision to reinstate John Ryan Mason to the SLO Fire Department. On June... (Continue reading)

Obama protester is former San Luis Obispo County employee

First Lady Michelle Obama confronted a protester Tuesday night during a Democratic Party fundraiser at a private home in Washington, D.C. The protester, lesbian activist Ellen Sturtz, is a former San Luis Obispo County employee who served as the local... (Continue reading)