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Bank mortgage settlements slow

Big banks nationwide are scrambling to comply with terms of a $20 billion mortgage settlement with homeowners, but only Bank of America has revealed details of progress with 164,000 of its customers. (San Francisco Chronicle) Officials of BofA said Wednesday... (Continue reading)

Board of Supervisors’ land grab

Opinion by TOM and ELSA DAWSON The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors is at it again. They appear to be pushing through as many fee increases (read higher taxes) limiting use of private property and slowing economic growth and job creation... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles lender facing five years in jail

Former Paso Robles lender Linda Ann Kennedy of 21st Century Financial in Paso Robles plead no contest on Tuesday to four felony counts related to fraudulent lending practices. Kennedy, 49, allegedly swindled more than 1,000 investors out of millions in... (Continue reading)

Mortgage assist funds reallocated

Millions of dollars from a settlement pool intended to help California homeowner victims of mortgage abuses has been diverted to the state’s general fund by Gov. Jerry Brown to help balance his budget. (San Francisco Chronicle) California is one of... (Continue reading)

California leads housing gain

A sharp drop in new defaults shows that California is recovering from the housing collapse faster than any other state, according to a report by a home-loan data specialist. That’s somewhat ironic, as California led the U.S. into the bust.... (Continue reading)

Follow the rules, forfeit your home

By DANIEL BLACKBURN Campbell (Cam) Carroll came very close to losing his home to foreclosure earlier this month to people he’d never heard of, the forced sale auction halted only by a last-minute restraining order issued by a San Luis... (Continue reading)

FBI agents raid San Luis Obispo office

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, armed with a search warrant, raided a San Luis Obispo real estate office on Tuesday. [Tribune] Apex Properties, owned by Tim Barnes who is also an owner of San Luis Jet Center, is located at... (Continue reading)

Renters, no pets allowed

OPINION By JUDITH BERNSTEIN I read the rental ad and thought, “At last, just the apartment I’ve been looking for!” It was a guest house on a private estate and had it’s own patio and garden, plenty of light in... (Continue reading)

Gearhart’s benefactors unveiled

An Atascadero woman and another from Texas each pledged $50,000 to keep former North County developer Kelly Gearhart out of jail. The sister of former developer Ron Hertel, Camile Tompkins, pledged to cover half of Gearhart’s bail while Tiffany George,... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles lender Linda Kennedy in jail

Former Paso Robles lender Linda Ann Kennedy of 21st Century Financial in Paso Robles is slated to be arraigned today on four felony counts in the San Luis Obispo County Superior Court. Kennedy, 49, allegedly swindled more than 1,000 investors... (Continue reading)