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Panga boat beaches near Piedras Blancas Lighthouse

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies and State Park rangers discovered an abandoned panga boat Sunday morning near the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse outside of San Simeon. The deputies and rangers discovered the abandoned boat in a remote cove north of... (Continue reading)

Suspected smugglers beach panga boat near San Simeon

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies discovered a panga boat early Tuesday morning beached north of Piedras Blancas lighthouse outside of San Simeon. Around 4:15 a.m. deputies noticed an open gate to a field off Highway 1 and north of... (Continue reading)

Hearst Castle waives fees for politically connected

While many  California state parks battled to escape closure because of budget cuts, the crown jewel of the park system – Hearst Castle in San Luis Obispo County– waived $611,000 in private event fees over the last decade for the... (Continue reading)

20 drug smugglers arrested

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies have increased the number of alleged drug smugglers they have in custody from Thursday’s investigation to 20. Following up on in a tip of a panga boat off the coast of San Simeon, a... (Continue reading)

14 alleged drug smugglers arrested

A report of a panga boat off the coast of San Simeon led San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies to take 14 alleged smugglers into custody early Thursday morning. Following the tip, a California Highway Patrol officer flying over the... (Continue reading)

Man blamed for deadly crash identified

Officers arrested 55-year-old Jeffrey LaChance of Paso Robles for allegedly causing an accident that left one woman dead Monday afternoon. LaChance was driving northbound on Highway 1 south of Hearst Castle when he attempted to pass a tour bus. He... (Continue reading)

Hearst: “Time to end this controversy”

Stephen Hearst issued a statement over the weekend, trying to mute a simmering controversy over the shooting of three zebras in early January. In his press statement, Hearst took full responsibility for owning the zebras. The three were allegedly shot... (Continue reading)

Hearst vs. Fiscalini: The prequel

Recent news coverage of the shooting of the three Hearst Ranch zebras suggests an undertone of dislike between ranchers David Fiscalini and Stephen Hearst. This current battle is nothing new to people who have followed the two families over the... (Continue reading)

Outrage continues over shooting of Hearst Ranch zebras

The national media is picking up the local story of the three zebras who wandered off Hearst Ranch on Jan 5, only to be shot and killed by two ranchers. [LA Times] Two of the three zebras showed up on... (Continue reading)

Attempted murder suspect shot by sheriff deputy

A man was shot in the leg Sunday evening in an officer-involved shooting south of San Simeon on Highway 1 at about 11:30 p.m., the San Luis Obispo Sheriff Department reported. Sheriff deputies were working to intercept a group of... (Continue reading)