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Central Coast man convicted of extortion, distributing nude photos of ex-girlfriend

By JOSH FRIEDMAN A jury convicted a Central Coast man of stalking and extorting his ex-girlfriend, as well distributing nude photos of her — pictures that accompanied sex ads. Following their break up in 2019, Jason Anthony Arnold, 52, of... (Continue reading)

FBI warns about sextortion schemes targeting minors

By JOSH FRIEDMAN The FBI is warning about a significant increase in sexual extortion, or sextortion, schemes targeting minors, with a subsequent rise in cases leading to suicide. Children who use online gaming platforms, gaming consoles, live-streaming or video platforms,... (Continue reading)

FBI warns of sextortion scheme targeting minors

By KAREN VELIE The FBI issued a warning Friday about the increase of financially motivated “sextortion” schemes targeting primarily males between the ages of 14 to 17. The FBI is asking parents to watch for online activity that may lead... (Continue reading)