Central Coast man convicted of extortion, distributing nude photos of ex-girlfriend

March 31, 2024

                                                                    Jason Anthony Arnold


A jury convicted a Central Coast man of stalking and extorting his ex-girlfriend, as well distributing nude photos of her — pictures that accompanied sex ads.

Following their break up in 2019, Jason Anthony Arnold, 52, of Simi Valley began stalking and threatening his ex-girlfriend. The stalking and threats spanned Nov. 2019 through March 2020, according to the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office. 

Arnold demanded approximately $54,000 from his ex, and when she did not pay, he distributed nude photographs of her. The Simi Valley man sent the photos to the woman’s mother, brother and new boyfriend. 

Furthermore, the photos were posted around the woman’s business and the apartment complex of her new boyfriend. Along with the sex advertisement that accompanied the photos, Arnold distributed his ex-girlfriend’s home address, business address and personal cellphone number. 

Arnold continued to text, email and harass the woman, even after she obtained a domestic violence restraining order. 

The Ventura County jury convicted Arnold of one felony count of stalking, one felony count of extortion by threatening letter and three misdemeanor counts of distributing private intimate photos.

Following the verdict, a judge remanded Arnold into custody at the Ventura County Jail. Arnold faces a maximum prison sentence of three years and eight months, according to the district attorney’s office. His sentencing is scheduled for April 25.

“The victim was subjected to the defendant’s obsessive and vindictive stalking behavior for far too long,” Deputy District Attorney Tessa McCarty said in a statement. “It is my hope that these convictions provide her with the closure she deserves.”


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Ya know, I was just thinking that if this guy is in long enough, he might just get to find out what it feels like to be an abused girlfriend…..

Petty, vengeful, and from Simi Valley? Probably a cop.

Fyi, it’s legal to send any adult naked pictures of yourself; as my sons mom did to me, to HURT me, and still walk away without commiting a crime because woke CA is Absolute BS when it comes to fathers rights. Women, because they have a womb, have 100 percent control until Dad finally shows enough Proof to a Kanagroo court full of Psychopaths their Ex is killing their child, and then it’s too Late.

Honey, when the statistics for women raping, beating, shooting and stabbing their ex even begins to approach the numbers of these crimes committed by men, I will feel equal concern. Ditto the numbers on deadbeat moms. Sorry for your discomfort, but it hardly begins to touch the very real danger women deal with daily.

My child’s mother sent me nudes of herself without consent as revenge porn; because I disagree with sex work and laziness and have morals; posted them on social media and tagged my name to degrade me to her ” woke audience” about how liberated her only fans career makes her and degraded me; and the courts didnt care. Revenge porn is only for men, not women. If I sent a picture of my genitalia to my child’s mom, and was used in court, I’d be in prison. But in woke CA, women can do whatever they want.

I filed for custody after finding out about this, the divorced, female judge, Gave two Fcks about this. Revenge porn is such BS, you shouldn’t be able to send nudes to anyone without consent.

This man, my childs mother, are disgusting, psychopaths.

A sick, twisted, perverted and disgusting pig of a man this guy.

As for the victim and closure? I hope she can find some peace of mind after all she’s had to endure, but closure? What exactly is closure?

Bothering her started in 2019, it is now 2024 and the maximum he will get is 3 years and 8 months – just WOW! 5 years to convict and jail him!!

There was a documentary series called the “Love Chronicles”, they had one episode on stalking behavior, guy’s that eventually went to jail, all they thought about while in jail was better ways to stalk their victims:(

As part of probation, they even put trackers on the stalkers that would warn the victim if the stalker was close by, the stalker would get just close enough so that the victim would electronically get warned and then back off, over and over:(

What a S—bird