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Amtrak to allow passengers to pack guns

Amtrak will allow passengers to bring guns on most trains starting next month.  [Sacramento Bee] The change, pushed by gun rights advocates and ordered by Congress, aligns Amtrak’s firearms policy with air travel rules that allow unloaded guns to be... (Continue reading)

Google developing self-driving cars

The future has arrived. It is coming by car. And apparently, according to experts, the car is driving itself. Google officials revealed Saturday that they are hard at work on road-testing cars driven, not by humans, but by artificial intelligence.... (Continue reading)

Double-decker bus controversy arrives in San Luis Obispo

Updated Aug. 31. to include the price of the bus and statements by Tim Bochum, deputy director of public works. Amid budget cuts and plans to raise the cost of bus service for the elderly and disabled, San Luis Obispo city... (Continue reading)

Taxi shortage fueling disorder?

Despite the fact that cab owners in San Luis Obispo say there’s no shortage of taxis in the area, local bar owners and others contend there is a big shortage, especially on weekends when some patrons physically try to flag... (Continue reading)

Proposed bus fare increases anger riders

In a move to compensate for a 16-percent reduction in state funding, San Luis Obispo city staff is asking for higher bus fares, an end to free transfers from one bus to another and a reduction in trolley services in... (Continue reading)